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From julien viet <jul...@jboss.com>
Subject Re: What is implemented in jackrabbit ?
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 12:28:25 GMT
thanks for the clarification David, I am glad we share same concerns.

Leading jackrabbit to the release is obviously the priority at short term.


David Nuescheler wrote:

>hi julien,
>>>but HA/clustering support is certainly something worth looking at
>>>once jackrabbit is stable.
>>yes, it's not because the spec does not mention it that it cant be done.
>>if you look at the whole j2ee spec, the servlet spec is the only one
>>that talks a bit about it (tag distributable),
>>however most j2ee vendors supports it.
>agreed. i would even go further and say that 
>repository clustering is probably a very frequent 
>requirement that should be on the roadmap of
>any enterprise class repository.
>i guess what stefan was talking about was the following
>mechanism that is mandated by the jcp:
>to get a final approval of jsr-170 we need to have a reference 
>implementation that passes 100% of the tck.
>and i would argue that before the spec is finalized we (day 
>software at least in the role of the spec-lead) will have to 
>focus our work on getting the reference implementation to 
>pass 100% of the tck (and to get the tck developed in the 
>first place), which only means that we as the spec lead
>are in the weird position to have a list of priorities which
>is indicated by jcp.
>which of course is not applicable for anybody else.
>of course anybody in the jackrabbit community is 
>very welcome contribute many excellent features
>to jackrabbit which are outside the spec (like 
>wolfgangs jdbc suggestion).
>.ps: also people might want to be cautious with 
>massive extensions until the spec is finally 
>approved just to save on redo work...

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