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From Paul Russell <w...@paulrussell.org>
Subject Re: Distributing the JCR API jar?
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 06:42:31 GMT
On 24 Sep 2004, at 01:43, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> The JSPA places a lot of restrictions on what the Spec Lead can do
> with the interface files.  The RI and TCK can be open source, but the
> actual API defined by the specification is required (by Sun, not Day)
> to be under a more restrictive license.  We actually have the most
> open source license possible under the circumstances.

Blimey, shows how much I know about the JCP. Didn't realise that; my 

>>> i am not sure how the situation looks with building the jcr.api
>> To be honest, as long as Day are prepared to build the .jar and 
>> ensure the version in the maven repository is up-to-date, I don't see 
>> that we have a problem. It was just a thought that we could build the 
>> jar at the same time if getting it injected into maven regularly is a 
>> problem, particularly if there's any scope for it evolving 
>> significantly.
> We can ensure the version in jackrabbit is up to date.  I don't think
> we are able to place it in a public maven repository until both the
> spec and the code are at final release.  Can't we just add a pre-script
> to the Maven build such that it copies the jcr-in-progess jar file from
> the svn checkout to the local maven repository?

That's absolutely fine. As Tim said, we can put a build step into maven 
to install the jar in the local repository. Once everything is final, 
we can drop it in the public repository and remove this preGoal.


Paul Russell

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