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From "Tim Reilly" <tim.rei...@consultant.com>
Subject RE: Distributing the JCR API jar?
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 22:06:50 GMT
DN> > i am not sure how the situation looks with building the jcr.api
PR> To be honest, as long as Day are prepared to build the .jar and ensure
PR> the version in the maven repository is up-to-date, I don't see that we
PR> have a problem. It was just a thought that we could build the jar at
PR> the same time if getting it injected into maven regularly is a problem,
PR> particularly if there's any scope for it evolving significantly.

Is it possible to have a day.com hosted maven repository for the jcr-api
That would be helpful. Since the jar is changing often I'd prefer not to
drop pre-releases at
ibiblio, releases would be desirable of course. Just IMO - ibiblio is fine


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