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From "Tim Reilly" <tim.rei...@consultant.com>
Subject Initial maven files
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 19:05:33 GMT
I've commited some initial maven files.

The follow is an example command line session
(I'm using Maven 1.0 / comments in brackets)
One caveat, I've installed the jcr.jar file into my local repository
 e.g.; on windows -
  so I'm using groupId of jcr-api \ artifactId of jcr \ and version of

  svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/jackrabbit/trunk
jackrabbit [initial checkout]
  cd jackrabbit [change pwd]
  maven eclipse [generates the eclipse IDE .project / .classpath files to
use eclipse]
  maven jar [currently generates ../target/jackrabbit-0.3-dev.jar based on
artifactId and version in project.xml]
  maven site:generate [generates a site of documention locally - browse from
  maven ant [generates the build.xml (although, need to see what maybe
missing in relation to stefan's build.xml]

Outstanding mavenize issues:
* Can anyone verify the IntelliJ files can be generated from Maven ok, then
we can remove them from source control.
* Check the generated build.xml is not missing targets/functionality that
stefan might have had in the orig build.xml.
* Quoting stefan:
  > we also have to come up with a solution for the jcr.jar. this archive
  > contains the compiled jcr api. as the api spec is still quite volatile,
  > the jcr.jar will change relatively often. we will have to introduce
  > some version number schema, e.g. jcr-0.14.1jar etc. to reflect
  > the spec version it is based on. i am not sure if we need to deploy
  > it on ibiblio.org so it can be used by maven. there might be legal
  > issues in doing so. any ideas/suggestions?
I'm open to suggestions here. To get around this atm I've just created the
directory structure
%userprofile%\.maven\repository\jcr-api\jars\jcr-0.14beta.jar locally using
the jcr.jar from
the lib directory.
* I tried moving the items from todo.txt into tasks.xml for the maven
task-list plugin to generate, but I must have done something wrong since
tasks.html is blank. I'll try to find out what's going on.

Feel free to tweak things from here. Comments/Questions welcomed.


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