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From "Tim Reilly" <tim.rei...@consultant.com>
Subject RE: Distributing the JCR API jar?
Date Fri, 24 Sep 2004 05:19:05 GMT
[Roy Fielding wrote:]
> We can ensure the version in jackrabbit is up to date.  I don't think
> we are able to place it in a public maven repository until both the
> spec and the code are at final release.  Can't we just add a pre-script
> to the Maven build such that it copies the jcr-in-progess jar file from
> the svn checkout to the local maven repository?
Sure, maven's artifact:install goal does this, and we can add a pre-goal in
a maven.xml file.
The challege is rather that the ant build.xml generated by maven wants to
use the GET task to grab the jar from a public repository. If you have a
clean checkout, or if you '$>maven clean' prior to executing build.xml; the
jcr-api jar doesn't exist in the target directory so the ant build fails.
There are a couple of solutions I think; a public repository would have been
my preference though.


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