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From "Tim Reilly" <tim.rei...@consultant.com>
Subject RE: some website changes and maven questions
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 04:14:57 GMT
> [David Nuescheler wrote:]
> hi guys,
> i found that the background-color was not set in
> maven-theme.css and looking at maven-classic.css
> it looks like there was an intention to set but
> somehow was set with "background:" instead
> of "background-color:".
> i tried to extend the css according to the maven
> documentation by adding my css into the "stylesheets"
> directory, but looking at the maven source it seemed
> like the extension of the .css works through
> xdocs/style/project.css ??
> any comments from the maven professionals?
> [it may well be that i made some mistake]
?, I'm clueless here. My maven experience is limited to what I've needed to
know within commons, or from maven-user list lurking. Anyone else? (if not;
I'll try to find out by looking at examples or asking on maven-user.)

> additionally i drew up a "quick and dirty"
> projectlogo. i do not take any pride in it so if
> someone comes up with a better logo, i am
> all for it.
I like it.

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