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From Tobias Strasser <tobias.stras...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Id lines and author tags
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 14:07:03 GMT
> I would prefer to delete them all.  With open source, those lines
> make it harder to apply patches and maintain branches, particularly
> when users store their version of the code in their own cvs/subversion
> repo that has a different notion of what the value should be.
i agree, merges are often a pain due to those tags, unless you have a
diff tool, that can filter out those lines (frankly, i never used the
ID tag in our source files; adding them to the byte-code of our
product makes it easier for us to track the versions of installed
patches at our customers, but this is rather a product-rollout issue).

> I would also like to remove all of the author tags at this time
> since they have a tendency to discourage collaboration.  
would be ok for me.

> We should
> also have something like a CHANGES or README file that credits
> all of the original Day developers.
sounds good. can you add the initial files?

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