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From Paul Russell <pruss...@apache.org>
Subject Re: site directory
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 21:32:50 GMT
Hi Roy,
> If having docs in the main trunk makes the download too big, I could
> split it off into a separate incubator-site module.  Personally, I
> prefer to tag docs at the same time as tagging releases.

I've just done my first fresh checkout since this change was made, and 
noticed how big the 'docs' directory is!

Paul-Russells-Computer:~/Software/Apache paulr$ du -hs jackrabbit/ 
  52M    jackrabbit/
  44M    jackrabbit/docs/

So the /automatically generated/ docs directory makes up nearly 85% of 
the checked out repository. While I totally understand why the site 
itself needs to be versioned, I can't help but think a 650% increase in 
module size is going to represent a significant overhead for most 
people! I know this is a pain, but is it complicated to move these docs 
into a separate module somewhere? If I can help with this, please let 
me know!


Paul Russell
E-mail: prussell@apache.org
iChat/AIM: russelp@mac.com

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