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From Paul Russell <pruss...@apache.org>
Subject Distributing the JCR API jar?
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 10:40:53 GMT

I was having a chat with Tim last night, and we were trying to remember 
what the rules are about distributing the actual API jar? Can anyone on 
the XG advise?

The reason we were talking is that there has been some discussion about 
turning this project into a multi-project (which is the maven term for 
a project with more than one deliverable artefact). If we /did/ decide 
to pursue this, it would make building and distributing the JCR API as 
part of jackrabbit (different .jar file, obviously) trivially easy, but 
is this something we're allowed to do, or does this .jar always have to 
come from a central location somewhere?

Answers on a postcard...!

Paul Russell
E-mail: prussell@apache.org
iChat/AIM: russelp@mac.com
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