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From alexparvule...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r6975 - in /dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8: ./ RELEASE-NOTES.txt jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.asc jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.md5 jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.sha
Date Fri, 31 Oct 2014 20:41:56 GMT
Author: alexparvulescu
Date: Fri Oct 31 20:41:56 2014
New Revision: 6975

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.8 release candidate

    dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/RELEASE-NOTES.txt   (with props)
    dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip   (with props)

Added: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
--- dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (added)
+++ dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Fri Oct 31 20:41:56 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,112 @@
+Release Notes -- Apache Jackrabbit Oak -- Version 1.0.8
+Jackrabbit Oak is a scalable, high-performance hierarchical content
+repository designed for use as the foundation of modern world-class
+web sites and other demanding content applications.
+Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.8 is a patch release that contains fixes and
+improvements over Oak 1.0. Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.x releases are considered
+stable and targeted for production use.
+The Oak effort is a part of the Apache Jackrabbit project.
+Apache Jackrabbit is a project of the Apache Software Foundation.
+Changes in Oak 1.0.8
+New Features
+   [OAK-1915] TarMK Cold Standby
+   [OAK-2005] Use separate Lucene index for performing property related queries
+   [OAK-2191] Persistent cache for the DocumentNodeStore
+Bug Fixes
+   [OAK-1778] Ordered index: explain plan not implemented
+   [OAK-1885] Add restore option for oak-run
+   [OAK-2052] Node.setProperty(String, Value) fails for binary non ValueImpls
+   [OAK-2117] Reindex removes all nodes under index definition node
+   [OAK-2145] TarMK cold standby: file handle leak
+   [OAK-2150] TarMK cold standby: logs are too verbose
+   [OAK-2174] Non-blocking reindexing doesn't finish properly
+   [OAK-2197] Node.getReferences throws IllegalArgumentException
+   [OAK-2203] Full reindexing is triggered when the IndexEditor is missing
+   [OAK-2226] Aggregate Lucene no results for multiple jcr:contains
+   [OAK-2227] Increase package export on org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.segment
+   [OAK-2232] External events incomplete
+   [OAK-2235] Lucene index not created if no node is indexed
+   [OAK-2237] NodeStoreKernel.getNodes throws when passing filter=""
+   [OAK-1724] Enable copying of Lucene index to local file system for read queries
+   [OAK-2119] AggregateIndex should support AdvanceQueryIndex
+   [OAK-2125] Integrate Lucene logging with Slf4j
+   [OAK-2173] Allow specifying custom attributes in IndexPlan
+   [OAK-2180] Solr default rows number is too high
+   [OAK-2189] TarMK cold standby: update OSGi config example files
+   [OAK-2201] Make blobSize in OakDirectory configurable
+   [OAK-2212] Add configuration options for ldap connection pools
+   [OAK-2213] The unbound connection pool does not verify if the connection is still alive
+   [OAK-2216] LIRS cache: improved concurrency when using the cache loader
+   [OAK-2221] Log path for text extraction error on the Lucene index
+   [OAK-2229] Provide a way for Index implementation to determine reindex mode
+   [OAK-2122] Make LuceneIndex implement AdvanceQueryIndex
+   [OAK-2196] Implement sorting based on Lucene sorting
+   [OAK-2198] Add support for declaringNodeTypes to only index node with specific types
+   [OAK-2200] Tune cost calculation for lucene property index
+   [OAK-2210] Add support for customizing the codec
+   [OAK-2211] Use Lucene index on non root node
+   [OAK-2236] Support queries with only order by specified
+   [OAK-2239] Do not wrap LucenePropertyIndex with AggregateIndex
+   [OAK-2240] Support for indexing relative properties
+In addition to the above-mentioned changes, this release contains
+all changes included in previous Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.x releases.
+For more detailed information about all the changes in this and other
+Oak releases, please see the Oak issue tracker at
+  https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/OAK
+Release Contents
+This release consists of a single source archive packaged as a zip file.
+The archive can be unpacked with the jar tool from your JDK installation.
+See the README.md file for instructions on how to build this release.
+The source archive is accompanied by SHA1 and MD5 checksums and a PGP
+signature that you can use to verify the authenticity of your download.
+The public key used for the PGP signature can be found at
+About Apache Jackrabbit Oak
+Jackrabbit Oak is a scalable, high-performance hierarchical content
+repository designed for use as the foundation of modern world-class
+web sites and other demanding content applications.
+The Oak effort is a part of the Apache Jackrabbit project. 
+Apache Jackrabbit is a project of the Apache Software Foundation.
+For more information, visit http://jackrabbit.apache.org/oak
+About The Apache Software Foundation
+Established in 1999, The Apache Software Foundation provides organizational,
+legal, and financial support for more than 140 freely-available,
+collaboratively-developed Open Source projects. The pragmatic Apache License
+enables individual and commercial users to easily deploy Apache software;
+the Foundation's intellectual property framework limits the legal exposure
+of its 3,800+ contributors.
+For more information, visit http://www.apache.org/

Propchange: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

Added: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip
Binary file - no diff available.

Propchange: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip
    svn:mime-type = application/octet-stream

Added: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.asc
--- dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.asc (added)
+++ dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.asc Fri Oct 31 20:41:56 2014
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
+Version: GnuPG/MacGPG2 v2.0.22 (Darwin)
+Comment: GPGTools - https://gpgtools.org

Added: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.md5
--- dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.md5 (added)
+++ dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.md5 Fri Oct 31 20:41:56 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@

Added: dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.sha
--- dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.sha (added)
+++ dev/jackrabbit/oak/1.0.8/jackrabbit-oak-1.0.8-src.zip.sha Fri Oct 31 20:41:56 2014
@@ -0,0 +1 @@

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