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From ju...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r1479527 - /jackrabbit/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Mon, 06 May 2013 11:37:18 GMT
Author: jukka
Date: Mon May  6 11:37:18 2013
New Revision: 1479527

URL: http://svn.apache.org/r1479527
2.7: Update release notes.


Modified: jackrabbit/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jackrabbit/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt?rev=1479527&r1=1479526&r2=1479527&view=diff
--- jackrabbit/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ jackrabbit/trunk/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Mon May  6 11:37:18 2013
@@ -1,222 +1,75 @@
-Release Notes -- Apache Jackrabbit -- Version 2.5.3
+Release Notes -- Apache Jackrabbit -- Version 2.7.0
-This is Apache Jackrabbit(TM) 2.5, a fully compliant implementation of the
+This is Apache Jackrabbit(TM) 2.7, a fully compliant implementation of the
 Content Repository for Java(TM) Technology API, version 2.0 (JCR 2.0) as
 specified in the Java Specification Request 283 (JSR 283).
-Apache Jackrabbit 2.5 is an unstable series of releases cut directly from
+Apache Jackrabbit 2.7 is an unstable series of releases cut directly from
 Jackrabbit trunk, with a focus on new features and other improvements.
-For production use we recommend the latest stable 2.4 release.
+For production use we recommend the latest stable 2.6 release.
-Changes in Jackrabbit 2.5.3
+Changes in Jackrabbit 2.7.0
 New features
-  [JCR-3389] Implement a MultiDataStore
-  [JCR-3443] Normalize String properties when ordering query results
+  [JCR-3550] Methods for determining type of array of values
+  [JCR-3566] add TCK test for NaN and infinity double property values
-  [JCR-3429] Make query tests (more) independent
-  [JCR-3442] Allow (override) access of the system search manager to ...
-  [JCR-3454] The RmiRepositoryFactory should handle auto reconnect
-  [JCR-3463] Configurable stopDelay
-  [JCR-3467] ConsistencyCheck.MissingAncestor#repair() should also log UUID
-  [JCR-3474] Add JackrabbitQueryResult.getTotalSize()
-  [JCR-3479] Remove logback log config from jr-core tests jar
-  [JCR-3480] Extend SaveTest#testConstraintViolationException to cover ...
-  [JCR-3490] More efficient node traversal during garbage collection
+  [JCR-3402] getSize() returning too many often -1
+  [JCR-3495] Unregister from PrivilegeRegistry and NodeTypeRegistry on ...
+  [JCR-3507] Make it possible to remove version histories via the ...
+  [JCR-3513] Slower range query execution
+  [JCR-3516] Search index consistency check should report and fix wrong ...
+  [JCR-3517] Search index consistency check should be able to double ...
+  [JCR-3519] Disable IOCounters based on log level
+  [JCR-3524] Node type selection for reference constraint is not optimal
+  [JCR-3528] Node type selection for CanAddChildNodeCallWithNodeTypeTest#...
+  [JCR-3531] Borrow all available RepositoryHelpers
+  [JCR-3535] Davex remoting should support absolute path hrefs
+  [JCR-3537] Large number of SQL queries when adding nodes with version history
+  [JCR-3549] URIResolverImpl needs to handle absolute paths in addition ...
+  [JCR-3553] improve error logging for unexpected path formats
+  [JCR-3554] RepositoryService.getReferences needs to deal with absolute ...
+  [JCR-3559] RepositoryStubExceptions with root causes
+  [JCR-3571] Light optimization for CachingNameResolver.getJCRName(Name)
+  [JCR-3573] Improve token based login concurrency
+  [JCR-3574] Leverage WebDAV compliance class 3 to use absolute paths in ...
+  [JCR-3575] use absolute paths in WebDAV request bodies (DAV:href elements)
+  [JCR-3577] Allow creation of users with 'null' password
+  [JCR-3578] use absolute paths in DeltaV request bodies, and resolve hrefs ...
+  [JCR-3580] JcrPrivilegeReport needs to deal with both absolute paths and ...
+  [JCR-3583] UPDATE method needs to deal with both absolute paths and ...
+  [JCR-3587] RepositoryImpl should expose the collection of ..
 Bug fixes
-  [JCR-861]  Connector should support LocalTransaction as well as ...
-  [JCR-3305] spi2davex.RepositoryServiceImpl -> idUriCache raises until ...
-  [JCR-3425] XAAwareRWLock implementation fails with IllegalStateException ...
-  [JCR-3430] CNDImporter should handle implied nt:base
-  [JCR-3434] EventJournal#skipTo() broken
-  [JCR-3435] NPE on parsing XPath query with child axis and star name at ...
-  [JCR-3437] The DbDataStore does not implement getRecordIfStored as ...
-  [JCR-3439] PrincipalManagerImpl.CheckedGroup should implement ...
-  [JCR-3440] Deadlock on LOCAL_REVISION table in clustering environment
-  [JCR-3445] PostgreSQL error with setValidationQueryTimeout
-  [JCR-3447] InternalValueFactory should use the DataStore whenever available
-  [JCR-3450] Reduce memory usage of SharedFieldCache.ValueIndex
-  [JCR-3452] Modified property and child node definition are rejected
-  [JCR-3455] Events should be dispatched after the global cluster lock is ...
-  [JCR-3459] RmiRepositoryFactory regression, invalid stream header
-  [JCR-3466] NPE in SingletonTokenStream
-  [JCR-3468] ConcurrentModificationException in BitSetENTCacheImpl
-  [JCR-3469] Thread interrupt may result in closed index files
-  [JCR-3472] LargeResultSetTest: queries don't return anything
-  [JCR-3476] NodeIndexer attempts to extract binary property even when ...
-  [JCR-3478] Partial search terms matching fails when there is a lot of ...
-  [JCR-3482] SetValueVersionExceptionTest makes assumption about ...
-  [JCR-3483] Result set iterator causes infinite loop when used after ...
-  [JCR-3485] The Datastore garbage collector does not work with a ...
-  [JCR-3486] Potential null pointer exception in session save operation
-  [JCR-3491] Start the Repository immediatly in JCA Environment
-Changes in Jackrabbit 2.5.2
-New features
-  [JCR-3420] Improving Jackrabbit integration within OSGi and other ...
-  [JCR-3395] separate entries used for permission eval from ACEs exposed ...
-  [JCR-3405] Improvements to user management implementation
-  [JCR-3406] Journal doUnlock sometimes not called on repository shutdown
-  [JCR-3418] CompactNodeTypeDefReader throws away exception information
-  [JCR-3426] Log warning when changes are performed with event ...
-Bug fixes
-  [JCR-3401] Wrong results when querying with a DescendantSelfAxisQuery
-  [JCR-3404] AuthorizableImpl#isProtectedProperty doesn't include the ...
-  [JCR-3407] CaseTermQuery #rewrite behavior changes
-  [JCR-3410] JcrUtils.readFile() and JcrUtils.getLastModifed() are not ...
-  [JCR-3415] XPathQueryEvaluator generates incorrect XPath query
-  [JCR-3417] Failed Journal lock not propagated
-  [JCR-3419] Overwriting Cache Entry Warnings
-  [JCR-3427] JCR-3138 may cause resource starvation
-  [JCR-3428] Partial search terms are no longer highlighted in the excerpts
-Changes in Jackrabbit 2.5.1
-  [JCR-3242] Update to Lucene 3.6
-  [JCR-3263] Consistency checker performance improvements
-  [JCR-3265] Consistency checker should double check for false positives
-  [JCR-3269] Consistency checker should fix 'disconnected' nodes
-  [JCR-3319] Improve performance of repository updates - tweak index ...
-  [JCR-3327] Upgrade to Java SE 6
-  [JCR-3330] upgrade httpclient 3 dependency to final release 3.1
-  [JCR-3331] various tests do not compile with source==1.6
-  [JCR-3332] Add constructor with size argument to Node- and ...
-  [JCR-3339] Log stack trace with warn message in ObservationDispatcher
-  [JCR-3350] Easy-to-use utility class for adding ACEs to nodes
-  [JCR-3351] Add performance test setup for jr2.6
-  [JCR-3352] Minor improvements for collecting ACEs
-  [JCR-3356] performance tests
-  [JCR-3358] Allow null type in JcrUtils.getOrAddNode(parent, name, type)
-  [JCR-3362] Use a basic form for audit logs
-  [JCR-3365] Provide get property and get node utility methods in JcrUtils
-  [JCR-3369] Garbage collector improvements
-  [JCR-3370] TCK test for shareable node paths assumes work area
-  [JCR-3371] TCK test for shareable nodes incorrectly assumes the ...
-  [JCR-3376] TCK: SQLPathTest.testChildAxisRoot expects root node not ...
-  [JCR-3386] Adjust some default values of the BasicDataSource in the ...
-  [JCR-3392] Combine the XA aware (Reentrant) LockImpls to prevent ...
-  [JCR-3393] InternalVersionManagerBase.calculateCheckinVersionName may ...
-Bug fixes
-  [JCR-2666] JCR TCK Test for Restoring Version Tests That Versionable ...
-  [JCR-3267] Consistency checker needs to run multiple times to fix all ...
-  [JCR-3313] JCR TCK Test for expanding column names is too restrictive
-  [JCR-3318] BLOB not stored and no exception thrown
-  [JCR-3321] TCK: Strange XPath query in OrderByMultiTypeTest....
-  [JCR-3324] TCK: GetQueryTest.testGetQuery() unnecessarily uses a same ...
-  [JCR-3325] check-release script fails to compute hashes on Cygwin ...
-  [JCR-3326] missing test configuration for org.apache.jackrabbit.test....
-  [JCR-3328] leaking temp files
-  [JCR-3329] incorrect WebDAV PROPFIND response for version-controlled ...
-  [JCR-3334] incorrect logging template in CachingEntryCollector
-  [JCR-3337] Negated descendant node query with no results throws NPE
-  [JCR-3343] ClusterNode's updateCommited method throws NPE
-  [JCR-3345] ACL evaluation may return non-fresh results
-  [JCR-3346] JMX Popular Queries size issue
-  [JCR-3349] The BatchMode of the ConnectionHelper doesn't work in XA ...
-  [JCR-3353] A DeadLock can occur if an Exception is thrown while ...
-  [JCR-3354] The ReadWriteLock in AbstractJournal can create a Deadlock ...
-  [JCR-3355] Unable to create performance tests using JCR 2.0 API
-  [JCR-3363] DataStore garbage collection: test case GarbageCollectorTest....
-  [JCR-3367] InMemBundlePersistenceManager#getAllNodeIds is not ...
-  [JCR-3373] ChildNodesQueryHits may throw IOException when the session ...
-  [JCR-3374] Size estimate for AbstractBundlePersistenceManager.MISSING ...
-  [JCR-3377] DataStore Temp-Files will not be deleted as side effect of ...
-  [JCR-3378] The ConnectionHelper can return a closed Connection in BatchMode
-  [JCR-3379] XA concurrent transactions - NullPointerException
-  [JCR-3380] TCK tests for shareable nodes assume moving shareable ...
-  [JCR-3383] Unclosed Resources in ConnectionHelper if ResultSet is null
-  [JCR-3384] TCK: BinaryPropertyTest.testGetLengthJcr2() fails with a ...
-  [JCR-3385] DbClusterTest fails when port is already in use
-  [JCR-3387] On heavy load we see occasional SQLException: closed ...
-  [JCR-3390] Reordering policy node fails with AccessDeniedException
-  [JCR-3399] Shared ISM does not release the internal Writelock if ...
-Changes in Jackrabbit 2.5.0
-New features
-  [JCR-3233] Provide callback for consistency checker
-  [JCR-3255] Access cluster node id
-  [JCR-3181] add test case for recovering from broken version history ...
-  [JCR-3191] Update commons-io dependency from versiom 1.4 to 2.0.1
-  [JCR-3209] lock token validity
-  [JCR-3212] add TCK test for Info map of NODE_MOVED event on node reordering
-  [JCR-3213] Speed up NodeIndexer.isIndexed() check
-  [JCR-3229] FileRevision should have a flag to control whether to sync ...
-  [JCR-3231] Replace BundleFsPersistenceManager with ...
-  [JCR-3232] Improve FileRevision extensibility
-  [JCR-3237] add missing name constants for mix:title
-  [JCR-3243] RepositoryStatistics should be more flexible
-  [JCR-3248] TimeoutHandler visitor should be extracted into a dedicated class
-  [JCR-3253] Set omit term freq positions flag on parent field in the index
-  [JCR-3254] make max size of CachingEntryCollector's cache configurable
-  [JCR-3259] augment logging information around CachingEntryCollector
-  [JCR-3275] Audit log
-  [JCR-3280] SQL2 joins on empty sets are not efficient
-  [JCR-3282] Optimize usage of norms
-  [JCR-3286] InternalVersionManagerBase.calculateCheckinVersionName will ...
-  [JCR-3296] Indexing ignored file types creates some garbage
-  [JCR-3315] Add .gitignore file
-Bug fixes
-  [JCR-2662] JCR unit tests for journaled observation do not check ...
-  [JCR-3050] NullPointerException on removing a node acquired from search ...
-  [JCR-3158] Deadlock in DBCP when accessing node
-  [JCR-3192] Javadoc in jackrabbit-jcr-rmi is missing an ending ">" 
-  [JCR-3227] VolatileIndex not closed properly
-  [JCR-3234] QueryStat getPopularQueries doesn't set the proper position
-  [JCR-3236] Can not instantiate lucene Analyzer in SearchIndex
-  [JCR-3247] SQL2 ISDESCENDANTNODE BooleanQuery#TooManyClauses returns
-  [JCR-3250] webapp welcome page shows incorrect port when port is the ...
-  [JCR-3261] Problems with BundleDbPersistenceManager getAllNodeIds
-  [JCR-3262] Oracle JDBC Class Cast Exception
-  [JCR-3266] JCR-SQL2 query with multiple columns in result only returns ...
-  [JCR-3268] Re-index fails on corrupt bundle
-  [JCR-3270] Error instantiating lucene search index in Turkish Regional ...
-  [JCR-3272] EventConsumer.canRead() should rely on AccessManager.isGranted()
-  [JCR-3289] Remove operation right after move operation causes missing ...
-  [JCR-3290] Concurrent add and move can cause inconsistency
-  [JCR-3291] Stack overflow in multi-session test with moves
-  [JCR-3292] Workspace move in concurrent environment causes inconsistencies
-  [JCR-3298] jackrabbit-core RepositoryChecker.fix() can fail with OOM
-  [JCR-3299] Adding new index infos generation is not atomic
-  [JCR-3300] tests should consistently check for repository support and ...
-  [JCR-3303] ClusterNode's stopDelay should default to something other zero
-  [JCR-3307] JCR test org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.version....
-  [JCR-3312] AbstractSession.getItem should deal with identifier paths
-  [JCR-3314] Drop commons-io dependency from spi-commons
-  [JCR-3316] invalid namespace URI in AbstractImportXmlTest
-  [JCR-3317] Set the MaxTotalConnections on ConnectionManager to prevent ...
+  [JCR-3276] JCA Adpater not handling transaction suspension correctly
+  [JCR-3382] ItemManager.getNode does not do a permission check when the ...
+  [JCR-3465] JcrUtils.getOrCreateByPath() creates a whole subtree instead ...
+  [JCR-3512] DelayedDelete in MultiDatastore does not work correctly
+  [JCR-3518] Build fails on Mac OS + JDK 7
+  [JCR-3521] IllegalArgumentException thrown on a box running java7 with ...
+  [JCR-3523] Workspace.copy changes WeakReferences to References
+  [JCR-3539] NotQuery#advance (and for older versions skipTo) violates ...
+  [JCR-3540] locator for RootCollection generates a broken href when using ...
+  [JCR-3543] TCK does not allow a property to be re-bound to a different ...
+  [JCR-3545] unknown REPORT should cause status code 409/DAV:supported-report
+  [JCR-3551] DavEx cannot handle Double.NaN properties
+  [JCR-3552] Principal associated with Group does not update members
+  [JCR-3556] IndexingConfigurationImpl.getAggregateRules() should return ...
+  [JCR-3562] Adding a child node named {foo fails but bar} works
+  [JCR-3570] Make immediately Repository start configureable in ...
+  [JCR-3576] handle absolute paths in observation response bodies
+  [JCR-3581] Incorrect bitwise arithmetic in BitsetENTCacheImpl.BitsetKey...
 In addition to the above-mentioned changes, this release contains
-all the changes included up to the Apache Jackrabbit 2.4.0 release.
+all the changes included up to the Apache Jackrabbit 2.6.0 release.
 For more detailed information about all the changes in this and other
 Jackrabbit releases, please see the Jackrabbit issue tracker at

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