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Subject [Jackrabbit Wiki] Update of "pttuanzhang" by pttuanzhang
Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 00:59:33 GMT
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The "pttuanzhang" page has been changed by pttuanzhang.


New page:
Now my greatest interest is an investment in Asia, China offers us the most opportunities.
I hope to help small young Internet companies, as long as you have passion, a dream, I am
willing to support you, and you want to succeed together. 
    If you can not do in China, the largest 
    Look at the history of mankind, in the 17th century, people compete to get new material.
Such as agricultural materials, food, metals, medicines. >>From the 18th century to
the 20th century, people are competing to carry out the industrial revolution of energy. Oil,
gas, electric power industry to help them change. In the 21st century, I would like to access
to information is one focus of competition, people want faster, wider scope and greater depth
to obtain this information, and then transfer, sharing of information, better communication.

    So my concern is access to information, that is, the network business, just like I have
been watching the American Internet companies, which have been the boss, in every aspect of
the network business is so. Google is the oldest United States is the world's oldest, but
as a network if the Softbank Corporation, Softbank is the world's second-largest corporate
cash flow. We are more than eBay, than the Amazon big, we more than any other U.S. Internet
companies have large, just behind Google, however, before four to five years, we still a loss-making
    Google is a search platform, then our business model, what is it? We have wireless, broadband,
as well as portals, search our business is done in Japan, the largest. So you Softbank and
Google, NTT's business model comparison, we are the only infrastructure, content platform
company, is the most comprehensive of a company. The U.S. is the largest 的 network countries,
Dan, if you 看看 meeting future ten years, three years, new in history was about to Fa Sheng,
China will become the country Zui Da Quan Shijie GDP and largest network of state. I want
to be the world's largest companies, the Internet is borderless, so I want to support young
entrepreneurs in China.  [http://www.nikedad.com] ;  Wholesale nike shoes

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