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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Jackrabbit Wiki] Update of "JackrabbitOsgi" by FelixMeschberger
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2010 09:42:52 GMT
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The "JackrabbitOsgi" page has been changed by FelixMeschberger.


New page:
= Embedding A Jackrabbit Repository in an OSGi Framework =
The Apache Sling project has provided an infrastructure for embedding and accessing JCR Repositories
right from the start. With Jackrabbit 2 it is about time, that Jackrabbit itself becomes more
OSGi friendly and provides many of the features which are currently part of Apache Sling.

This page is about the changes and enhancements proposed in the [[http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/jackrabbit/sandbox/jackrabbit2-bundle][Jackrabbit
2 Bundle Sandbox]].

== Apache Sling JCR Bundles ==
Apache Sling currently provides the following JCR related bundles:

Bundle Current Version Jackrabbit Version Description

||<tablestyle="width: 957px; height: 116px;">Bundle||Current Version||Jackrabbit Version||Description||

||<tablestyle="width: 957px; height: 116px;">Sling JCR API||2.0.6||--||Provides additional
API to simplify use. Most notably contains the SlingRepository interface to ease configuration
pain for bundles requiring administrative repository access. This bundle used to include and
provide the JCR 1.0 API in the OSGi framework. This has been removed to allow the provision
of the JCR 2.0 API as a proper bundle. ||
||Sling JCR Base||2.0.4||1.5||Provides an abstract default implementation of the SlingRepository
interface and includes the Jackrabbit RMI library at version 1.5 to access a repository over
RMI. This abstract base implementation supports accessing repositories both through JNDI and
||Sling JCR Classloader||3.0|| ||Provides support to load classes from the repository. This
bundle was based on the Jackrabbit Repository Classloader. Now it contains a stripped-down
copy of the class loader with a few fixes.||
||Sling Jackrabbit Client||2.0.2|| ||A concrete extension of the AbstractSlingRepository in
the Sling JCR Base bundle. This extension is almost empty, since the basic support is already
provided by the abstract class.||
||Sling Jackrabbit Server||2.0.4||1.6||Embeds Jackrabbit Core and most of its dependencies
like Lucene, Derby, PDFBox, etc.||
||Sling Jackrabbit Access Manager||2.0.2||1.6||Supports Access Control Management in a Jackrabbit
Repository using the Sling Features.||
||Sling Jackrabbit User Manager||2.0.2||1.6||Supports User Management in a Jackrabbit Repository
using the Sling features.||

Note: The future of the Jackrabbit Repository Classloader library has not yet been decided
upon. At the moment, we have a relatively stable release in the Commons subproject and Apache
Sling has a stripped-down fork of that class loader. It will have to be discussed where we
are heading with this beast and what the requirements of the Community will be around this.

Of these bundles, the ''Sling Jackrabbit Server'' bundle is probably the one which should
be integrated in the Jackrabbit Core library. Over time I could imagine to also merge most
of the ''Sling JCR Base'' and ''Sling JCR Client'' bundles into the Jackrabbit project.

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