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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Jackrabbit Wiki] Update of "ContentTrackApacheConUs2009" by JukkaZitting
Date Fri, 03 Jul 2009 09:05:13 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by JukkaZitting:

The comment on the change is:
Updating the track page with input from the conference planners

- This page is for planning the proposed "Content Technology" track at the [http://www.us.apachecon.com/
ApacheCon US 2009].
+ This page is for planning the "Content Technology" track at the [http://www.us.apachecon.com/
ApacheCon US 2009].
- = Original Proposal =
+ This track has been allocated two days of the ApacheCon US 2009 schedule. Registration for
the conference opened on June 22nd, and we need to publish the main conference schedule as
soon as possible, so there's plenty to do!
- The Jackrabbit and Sling projects would like to organize a "Content Technology" track at
the ApacheCon US 2009. The track would be focused on content repositories and content management
based on the JCR and CMIS standards.
+ = TODO =
- We estimate that we could do something like a half-day track followed by a more informal
meetup in the evening. This would be a natural extension to the meetups and normal sessions
we've had in previous ApacheCons.
+   1. identify the purpose of the program and audience, explain them in a way that is interesting
to neophytes to your project.
+   2. write a 150-200 word blurb on what the track will cover (outline is fine, you know
what the techology is!), who the intended audience is, and why people will want to attend/what
they'll get out of it. 1b) send this to  planners-2009-us@apachecon.com ASAP - before Sunday,
June 21st! It is urgently needed to open registration!
+   3. select the content of the track, identifying the speakers.
+   4. notify  planners-2009-us@apachecon.com when this is complete to begin speaker agreements
and notifications
+   5. revise the session descriptions, update them in the CMS (details to be provided soon)
+   6. notify  planners-2009-us@apachecon.com so the schedule can be published
+   7. choose from many other interesting project opportunities to engage your communities!
+   8. option; plan an evening meetup
+   9. option; request an additional conference day of narrowly focused content or un-con
track (smaller audience)
+  10. option; create a new idea and share it with  planners-2009-us@apachecon.com to see
if this can happen
- We could also enlarge the scope of the track to cover a wider range of projects like Cocoon,
Lenya, Portals, POI, etc. in which case the track could cover even something like 1-2 days.
However, such plans are mostly speculative at the moment.
+ ----
- = Estimated Time Required =
+ = Content Technology =
- 0 days committed so far
+ Projects covered by Track:
- 0.5 days plus a meetup for a narrow JCR-scoped track
- 1-2 days plus 1-2 meetups for a broader CMS-scoped track
+   * [http://abdera.apache.org/ Apache Abdera]
+   * [http://incubator.apache.org/chemistry/ Apache Chemistry] (incubating)
+   * [http://cocoon.apache.org/ Apache Cocoon]
+   * [http://couchdb.apache.org/ Apache CouchDB]
+   * [http://forrest.apache.org/ Apache Forrest]
+   * [http://jackrabbit.apache.org/ Apache Jackrabbit]
+   * [http://incubator.apache.org/jspwiki/Apache JSPWiki] (incubating)
+   * [http://lenya.apache.org/Apache Lenya]
+   * [http://incubator.apache.org/openwebbeans/ Apache OpenWebBeans] (incubating)
+   * [http://poi.apache.org/ Apache POI]
+   * [http://portals.apache.org/ Apache Portals]
+   * [http://roller.apache.org/ Apache Roller]
+   * [http://incubator.apache.org/shindig/ Apache Shindig] (incubating)
+   * [http://sling.apache.org/ Apache Sling]
+   * [http://tapestry.apache.org/ Apache Tapestry]
+   * [http://velocity.apache.org/ Apache Velocity]
+   * [http://wicket.apache.org/ Apache Wicket]
  = Target Audience =
  The target audience of this track would mostly consist of web developers and CMS (both web
and enterprise) developers and integrators. We might also do a more business-oriented session
on the current status of standardization in the content management industry.
- = Interested Projects =
+ PMC Liason/Spokesorganizer(s):
-    * [http://jackrabbit.apache.org/ Apache Jackrabbit]
-    * [http://incubator.apache.org/sling/ Apache Sling]
-    * Apache Chemistry (pending for incubation)
-    * [http://poi.apache.org/ Apache POI]
-    * [http://lenya.apache.org/ Apache Lenya]
-    * [http://forrest.apache.org/ Apache Forrest]
+ Planning Team Mentor & Liason:
+ === Track Description ===
+ ''Must be suitable for program, one paragraph, identify Who, What and Why. This must be
oriented towards the technologist familiar with this subject matter, one who is not yet familiar
but would be interested if they knew what the technology was, and the decision maker who would
approve their attending this conference!''
+ === Target Audience ===
+ ''This is for the planners use and marketing. Please list companies who might be interested
in sponsoring this content, and include contact name and email, if known, for Delia to contact
+ == Proposed Schedule ==
+ ''Your mentor will come in and insert any applicable trainings''
+ || 09:00 - 10:00 || REGISTRATION    ||
+ || 10:00 - 10:50 || Session 1       ||
+ || 10:50 - 11:15 || BREAK           ||
+ || 11:15 - 12:05 || Session 2       ||
+ || 12:05 - 13:30 || LUNCH           ||
+ || 13:30 - 14:20 || KEYNOTE         ||
+ || 14:30 - 15:20 || Session 3       ||
+ || 15:20 - 16:00 || BREAK           ||
+ || 16:00 - 16:50 || Session 4       ||
+ || 17:00 - 17:50 || Session 5       ||
+ || 18:00         || END OF PROGRAM  ||
+ Do not change capitalized items!  These are part of the master schedule. The individual
Session time blocks may be re-sliced, but remember that only five speakers per full day of
content receive any speaker benefit.
+ Each session must be commercially attractive to the audience identified, if content doesn't
"fit" into this track but is interesting or useful, consider an Additional Event as described
  = Proposed Sessions =
@@ -44, +91 @@

    * JCR meetup
+ === Session Title ===
+ Session Code:
+ ## [Original from CMS, even if it will be revised, or leave blank if not entered]
+ Speaker:
+  '' Include title, company affiliation, and note [email] here as a comment
+ _Session Description_
+ ''Must be suitable for program, one paragraph, identify Who, What and Why, note the requirements
under the Track description, above.''
+ _Target Audience_
+ ''For planners use, only if different than the main track''
+ Please list rejected sessions (by session code only), these submittors will be extended
courtesies/discounts for their effort:
+  * ...
+ == Additional Events ==
+ ''Small-room (max 50) day of content? No speaker compensation is attached to such events.
Attendees must be registered/paid for the conference. It can be organized as an unconference
or other structure, or it can have a partially or fully spelled out program. The first deadline
to request this is the end of June, with no deadline yet for its content.''
+ ''Evening Meetup/BOF's/Other? No speaker compensation is attached to such events, they are
free to the public.  The first deadline to request this is the end of July, with no deadline
yet for its content.''
+ == Questions and Answers ==
+ == Input from conference planners ==
+ * People pay to see the scheduled content at ApacheCon. Provide material which will reach
and attract our paying audience. If you have Geeks for Geeks content to present, please save
that for the daytime un-con tracks, or evening MeetUps/BOFs. Consider that people attending
the main tracks probably need to have a clear business case for registration costs - but your
community are free to attend the free evening programming (and that's free as in beer!), so
choose appropriately!
+ * Work with your community. Some of the best presentations have been from presenters who
don't belong to that project's PMC.
+ * Be creative! You're not limited to the strict 50-minute-sessions model. You can organize
the schedule in whatever way makes the most sense for your project's content. (Ensure that
your attendees still get their coffee- and lunch-breaks and keynote sessions.)
+ * The main track drives paid attendence, so you must submit well-written proposals. If the
proposals are not clearly written, and answer "Who, What, and Why?", then what can be expected
of the presentations? We've reviewed the proposals that were received in the main CFP, and
they accompany this email. You can use these verbatim (appropriately edited for spelling/to
fit the program!), or work with the submitters to refine them to work better within the track
you're planning and/or solicit completely new proposals. Use whichever solution creates the
most effective program.
+ * During the day, we will run un-con tracks on Wednesday through Friday in smaller rooms
(capacity ~50), also coordinated by PMCs. They do not need to be formalized until the morning
of the track, but guidance for the prospective audience can be gathered on the un-con tracks'
wiki pages. Registration will be required to attend these parallel tracks, but they're a great
place to schedule the Geeks4Geeks content that's really interesting for a narrower audience.
+ During the day, on Monday and Tuesday, we will run a free BarCamp alongside the traditional
Hackathon. The space set aside for the BarCamp and Hackathon is truly massive, and should
have a very open feel without excessive background noise. By colocating these events, we can
enable attendees to jump between hacking together and attending BarCamp sessions.
+ Free evening activities include MeetUps and BOFs. These will be organized by the PMCs, and
can be scheduled for any night from Sunday through Thursday. Wednesday night is set aside
for the free BIG FEATHER BIRTHDAY BASH! and Welcome Reception. We expect to attract many commuting
attendees from the Bay Area, both for the main program (paid registration required) and for
all of these free events and opportunities.
+ Of course the economic realities do not permit the Conference Producer to cover the costs
of everyone who has information to present to such a diverse audience of this many topics.
For this conference, for each hour of main track material, the Producer will be covering one
(1) hotel night plus one (1) conference pass, and will provide an additional (1) night for
overseas travelers. However, the conference will not be paying airfare for speakers from the
US and Canada, and will work on a limited case-by-case basis with those from overseas. And
with so many friends in the Bay Area, those who are not covered can consider staying with
fellow ASF members who are willing to host.
+ If you're not sure how this will work for you, or what it means when you start getting creative
with the program, please check with your planning-mentor.
+ If you need help or guidance, you can contact the planning team any time on planners-2009-us@apachecon.com
+ You've also been assigned a planning-mentor, who's there as your PMC's personal support
system for this conference as mentioned above.
+ We're looking forward to the most exciting ApacheCon ever, but we need your help to do it!

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