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From ju...@apache.org
Subject svn commit: r721493 - /jackrabbit/branches/1.5/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2008 13:40:28 GMT
Author: jukka
Date: Fri Nov 28 05:40:28 2008
New Revision: 721493

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=721493&view=rev
1.5: Updated release notes.


Modified: jackrabbit/branches/1.5/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc/jackrabbit/branches/1.5/RELEASE-NOTES.txt?rev=721493&r1=721492&r2=721493&view=diff
--- jackrabbit/branches/1.5/RELEASE-NOTES.txt (original)
+++ jackrabbit/branches/1.5/RELEASE-NOTES.txt Fri Nov 28 05:40:28 2008
@@ -221,16 +221,20 @@
   New features
   [JCR-954]  Allow to disable referential integrity checking for workspace
   [JCR-1171] Contribute Pluggable Permission and User Management to Jackrabbit
+  [JCR-1276] A Property and a Node Can Have the Same Name
   [JCR-1462] repository.xml: throw an exception on error
+  [JCR-1472] extend security config -> repository-1.5.dtd
   [JCR-1607] Add a NamespaceHelper in jcr-commons
   [JCR-1717] Configure occurrence of property value in excerpt
+  [JCR-904]  non mantatory revision property in the Journal configuration
   [JCR-1005] More Fine grained Permission Flags
   [JCR-1087] Maintain the cluster revision table
   [JCR-1091] more lenient behavior of Node#addMixin if mixin is already ...
   [JCR-1237] Change default value for respectDocumentOrder
   [JCR-1290] tm-extractors.jar blocks usage of newer poi versions
+  [JCR-1306] Reduce number of different repository.xml present with ...
   [JCR-1308] Unnecessary null check in EffectiveNodeType....
   [JCR-1309] Refactor DBMS support for JNDI datasources
   [JCR-1313] Additional excerpt provider implementation
@@ -258,6 +262,7 @@
   [JCR-1479] [PATCH] don't use the reflective form of {Collection}.toArray
   [JCR-1485] Introduce daily integration test suite
   [JCR-1488] Node deleted while query is executed should not affect result ...
+  [JCR-1493] Root exception not logged in ClusterNode for ClusterException
   [JCR-1510] [PATCH] more verbose exception messages (BatchedItemOperations)
   [JCR-1520] DatabaseFileSystem's logger references the wrong class
   [JCR-1531] [PATCH] Add Column and line numbers to repository.xml parse ...
@@ -270,6 +275,7 @@
   [JCR-1672] Adding Event interface and isLocal()
   [JCR-1674] Provide means for exception handling for QueryNodeVisitor ...
   [JCR-1677] Allow workspace creation over cluster
+  [JCR-1681] DbDataStore: improve error message when init fails
   [JCR-1686] Catch Throwables while calling TextExtractors
   [JCR-1696] Add PlainTextExtractor to default configuration of ...
   [JCR-1699] Do not log warning when coercing value in query is not possible
@@ -279,6 +285,7 @@
   [JCR-1710] Promote ChildNodeEntry and ChildNodeEntries to top level classes.
   [JCR-1715] Prevent excessive Path.Element instances
   [JCR-1716] Prefer PathFactory.createElement() over createPath()....
+  [JCR-1718] repository-1.5.dtd: change order of main elements
   [JCR-1729] Node#addNode fails with AccessDeniedException if session ...
   [JCR-1739] Do not use deletable anymore
   [JCR-1742] CacheManager resizeAll is slow
@@ -296,6 +303,7 @@
   [JCR-575]  unicode escapes in files generated by JJTree
   [JCR-1466] ConfigurationException constructors are package private
   [JCR-1532] ERROR 40XD0: Container has been closed exception with Derby DB
+  [JCR-1553] ClusterNode not properly shutdown when repository has shutdown
   [JCR-1563] Data Store: UTFDataFormatException when using large ...
   [JCR-1572] DbDataStore connection does not always reconnect
   [JCR-1573] Lucene Query Exception: 'attempt to access a deleted ...
@@ -311,6 +319,7 @@
   [JCR-1694] System properties does not get replaced in a Cluster ...
   [JCR-1703] Oracle JNDI DataSource support
   [JCR-1714] QueryImpl result offSet must be considered after security ...
+  [JCR-1729] Node#addNode failes with AccessDeniedException if session ...
   [JCR-1734] Generated cluster node id should be persisted
   [JCR-1738] BeanConfig may incorrectly throw ConfigurationException
   [JCR-1764] Occasional IndexingQueueTest failures
@@ -350,14 +359,12 @@
   [JCR-1187] Asking a property twice for it's stream returns the same ...
   [JCR-1211] QueryManager does not throw exception if jcr:deref is used in ...
   [JCR-1223] Occasional NPE on node checkin
-  [JCR-1248] ParseException if search string ends with '!'
   [JCR-1334] Deadlock with XA enabled
   [JCR-1360] Parsing built-in CND and XML nodetypes does not result in ...
   [JCR-1367] Exception when closing connection under db2
   [JCR-1387] Lock token not removed from session when node is removed
   [JCR-1440] NPE Thrown when two Cluster Nodes are hitting the same ...
   [JCR-1549] XATest#testXAVersionsThoroughly fails if 2 checks are ...
-  [JCR-1553] ClusterNode not properly shutdown when repository has shutdown
   [JCR-1554] StaleItemStateException with distributed transactions
   [JCR-1558] Namespace not registered yet prevent ...
   [JCR-1605] RepositoryLock does not work on NFS sometimes
@@ -373,13 +380,14 @@
   [JCR-1670] NPE when clustered JR queries version history on a node that ...
   [JCR-1693] JNDIDatabaseJournal doesn't work with "oracle" schema ...
   [JCR-1707] Node.setProperty(String, String, PropertyType.UNDEFINED) ...
-  [JCR-1729] Node#addNode failes with AccessDeniedException if session ...
   [JCR-1773] shareable nodes: wrong path returned, causes remove() to ...
   [JCR-1778] BindableRepositoryFactory doesn't handle repository shutdown
   [JCR-1779] Warnings on unregistered namespaces in indexing configuration
   [JCR-1806] Item not found exception
   [JCR-1807] Removing peer nodes throws RepositoryException
-  [JCR-1813] Invalid journal records during XATransactions
+  [JCR-1823] Repository.login throws IllegalStateException
+  [JCR-1838] Garbage collection deletes temporary files in FileDataStore
+  [JCR-1846] Jackrabbit thread contention issue due to fat lock
   [JCR-1860] Error occurs when restore nt:resource node after delete
   [JCR-1867] Missing conflict when adding a mixin, whose protected items ...
   [JCR-1868] Inconsistent state when removing mix:lockable from a locked Node
@@ -426,6 +434,7 @@
   [JCR-1579] Improved XML export handling
   [JCR-1617] Remove commons-collections and slf4j-api dependencies from ...
   [JCR-1636] Make shutdown hooks in TransientFileFactory removable
+  [JCR-1653] Better 'invalid format' exception messages for value classes
   [JCR-1698] Remove unnecessary TestAll classes in jcr-commons
   [JCR-1793] Namespace handling in AbstractSession should be synchronized
@@ -487,6 +496,7 @@
   [JCR-1091] more lenient behavior of Node#addMixin if mixin is already ...
   Bug fixes
+  [JCR-1335] bad assumptions on QueryResult.getIterator() semantics in ...
   [JCR-1361] Lock test assumes that changes in one session are immediately ...
   [JCR-1468] LockTest.testLogout fails to refresh session before checking ...
   [JCR-1497] Incorrect decodedAttributeValue in AbstractImportXmlTest
@@ -505,7 +515,6 @@
   [JCR-1161] Export test cases fail with Java 5 on Mac OS X
   [JCR-1164] Bad test assumptions in observation tests
   [JCR-1307] TCK: Attribute values may be normalized in document view exports
-  [JCR-1335] bad assumptions on QueryResult.getIterator() semantics in ...
   [JCR-1463] TCK: testRestore assumes too much about OPV=VERSION
   [JCR-1810] Jcr-Test: SerializationTest logs exception during tearDown.
@@ -519,6 +528,7 @@
   [JCR-1091] more lenient behavior of Node#addMixin if mixin is already ...
   [JCR-1327] SPI POM improvements
   [JCR-1417] [PATCH] remove code stutter
+  [JCR-1547] JCR2SPI: remove dependency to state-package within nodetype ...
   [JCR-1577] Remove RepositoryService.getRootId()
   [JCR-1579] Improved XML export handling
   [JCR-1585] Remove calls to System.out in tests
@@ -562,6 +572,9 @@
   [JCR-1327] SPI POM improvements
   [JCR-1368] improve documentation of SPI Batch addProperty
   [JCR-1403] SPI: Describe equality requirements of ItemIds
+  [JCR-1500] removing properties through SPI: two ways to do it
+  [JCR-1513] RepositoryService.checkin should return information about ...
+  [JCR-1539] SPI: Get rid of unused method ItemInfo.getParentId()
   [JCR-1543] Improve reliability of canAddMixin
   [JCR-1550] Remove ItemInfo.getName() since it is redundant
   [JCR-1576] Remove RepositoryService exists()
@@ -660,6 +673,7 @@
   [JCR-1310] Webdav: Drop xerces dependency
   [JCR-1615] WebDAV: drop dependency on commons-collections
   [JCR-1769] RFC4918 feature: PROPFIND/include
+  [JCR-1795] advertise support for RFC4918 (WebDAV) compliance class 3
   Bug fixes
   [JCR-1439] MOVE method returns error 412 Precondition Failed

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