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From conflue...@apache.org
Subject [CONF] Apache Jackrabbit: A simple OCM project with Maven & Eclipse (page created)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 13:09:01 GMT
A simple OCM project with Maven & Eclipse (JCR) created by Christophe Lombart


This tutorial explains how to start a new OCM project with Maven 2 & Eclipse. It is based
on the tutorial [5' with Jackrabbit OCM].

h2. Install Maven 2 & Eclipse

This tutorial assumes that you have install correctly Maven 2 & Eclipse.

If it is not the case, here is the instructions to install both products :
- Download Maven 2 ([http://maven.apache.org/download.html]). See the installation instructions
on this page.
- Dowload Eclipse from [http://www.eclipse.org]
- In Eclipse, you have to create a new classpath variable called M2_REPO which references
the maven 2 repository (by default, it is the directory _$user home/.m2/repository_).

h2. Download the OCM project

You can download the OCM project from [here].

h2. Install the project

- Extract the project distribution anywhere on your local machine.
- Open a command terminal and change the current directory to the project root folder.
- Execute "mvn clean compile". This is an optional step to check if the code can be compiled

h2. Get ready for Eclipse

- Execute "mvn eclipse:eclipse" from the project root folder. By this way, you project can
be imported into Eclipse.
- Start Eclipse and import the project (menu File/import, select general/existing project
in the workspace, than select the project root directory).

Now you are ready to modify the project from Eclipse.

h2. Review the project

This project is a standalone java application (see the class org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.Main)
which is creating, retrieving and deleting a PressRelease (see the class org.apache.jackrabbit.ocm.model.PressRelease).The
main method is quite simple, it contains the following code :


The first line registers a local Jackrabbit repository, the second will create a new [Object
Content Manager] and start the tutorial and the last one unregisters the local repository
before ending the application.

You can read the tutorial [5' with Jackrabbit OCM] to get more information on how to persist
a PressRelease object.
{info:title=Useful Information}
We will add other tutorials that will explain how to initialize correctly an [Object Content
Manager] within a web application and a Spring based application.

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