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From Andi Huber <>
Subject Re: Question about parameters
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2019 06:42:02 GMT
Regarding first question: A new feature is coming with 1.18.0 which is covering your described
use-case. Our current 'master' branch on github [1], already has this feature implemented.
Also our isis-2-demo's 'master' branch does showcase this new feature. For hiding parameters,
you might be interested particularly in the 'useHide' demo mixin here [2].

Regarding second question: not entirely sure, but might work: Run your application in prototyping
mode. Navigate to your domain object and use the 'Download Layout' button. Put this XXX.layout.xml
file next to your domain-object in the class-path and see whether you can spot an entry for
your 'clientId' field. If so, you can fine-tune this XXX.layout.xml file to hide this filed.


On 2019/04/16 21:22:59, leandro gomez <> wrote: 
> Good morning, I have a question. I am programming a create method which has parameters
that have to be entered by the user, but there is a parameter that is an enum that in the
base that what I have chosen has to disable or enable another parameter, that can be done
in isis?
> Another question is whether it is possible to hide the Id from the entity?
> Because I put the annotation: @ javax.jdo.annotations.DatastoreIdentity (strategy = javax.jdo.annotations.IdGeneratorStrategy.IDENTITY,
column = "clientId")
> and now the Id appears in the Metadata column but I do not want that to be seen by the
> Thank you

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