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From Andi Huber <>
Subject Re: How do I report bugs I encounter in v2 branch?
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2018 13:22:26 GMT
Hi Brian,

we split up the development into branch 'master' (stable ... recommended for production) and
'v2' (experimental ... milestones to reaching final 2.0.0).

Bug-reports are highly welcome. Best way to report is by opening a Jira ticket, regardless
of which branch being affected. You can optionally fill in the 'affects version' field. Anyhow,
if in doubt how to categorize a new Jira issue, don't worry, we can always do that later.
More important is to have the description field being specific about the issue. So there's
nothing preventing you from mentioning in the description filed, that you ran into an issue
with the 'v2' branch. And what helps a lot are steps to reproduce. But if you plan to provide
a fix (via Pullrequest) yourself also feel free to assign a ticket to yourself.

Regarding smoke-tests: Short answer NO. I guess Dan has some nice ideas on that, but no we
don't have them, not yet.

On 2018/11/15 23:04:34, Brian K <> wrote: 
> When I find something not working in the HEAD of the v2 branch, what is the
> best way to report it?  should I mail this list, the committers list, open
> a JIRA ticket, or comment on a ticket that might be involved?
> Specificially, the Swagger-UI for SimpleApp is showing an empty response to
> ListAll and other operations.  I am working from
> /isis/example/application/simpleapp.
> Related question:  is there a collection of smoke tests for stuff like this?
> Thanks,
> Brian

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