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From <>
Subject Problem with join or compairing the content on a List that contains a List with another List
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2018 01:02:58 GMT
Hi we're doing a final project using isis and we get to the part of the queries and when we
tried to make a query that need information of two or more tables we saw that we can't use
for example inner join (sql) so we want to know if there is any form of doing a join on the

We also tried to use object's logic to make this join on this way:

public List<Ficha> findByTecnico(Integer documento) {
    List<TecnicoFicha> tecnicoFicha = auxFindByTecnico(documento);
    List<Ficha> aux= repositoryService.allMatches(new QueryDefault<>(Ficha.class,
    List<Ficha> contador=new ArrayList<Ficha>();
    for (int k=0; k<aux.size(); k++) {
        for(int i=0; i<aux.get(k).getTecnicos().size();i++) {
            for(int j=0; j<tecnicoFicha.size();j++) {
                if(aux.get(k).getTecnicos().equals(tecnicoFicha.get(j))) {
    return contador;


private List<TecnicoFicha> auxFindByTecnico(Integer documento){
    Tecnico tecnico = repositoryService.uniqueMatch(new QueryDefault<>(Tecnico.class,
    "documento", documento));

    List<TecnicoFicha> aux = repositoryService.allMatches(new QueryDefault<>(TecnicoFicha.class,

    List<TecnicoFicha> contador = new ArrayList<TecnicoFicha>();
    for(int i=0; i<aux.size();i++) {        
        if (aux.get(i).getDocumento().equals(tecnico.getDocumento())){
    return contador;        

The private method auxFindByTecnico actually returns a List of TecnicoFicha we're not having
problems there (all queries return all matches of a Class).

The problem is that the Object Ficha contains a List of TecnicoFicha (called Tecnicos) and
we need to return all objets of Ficha where if any of Tecnicos's object equals any of the
tecnicoFicha's object (returned by method auxFindByTecnico) then add that Ficha on an aux
List called contador.

I don't see any problem on my Code i think this should work but when i debug the App tecnicoFicha
has all i need, aux do too but contador don't return anything.

Thanks for your help.

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