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From Marc Fargas <>
Subject Faster development turnaround times (follow-up)
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2018 07:49:56 GMT

Reading through this list's archives I found a thread from May titled
"Faster development turnaround times" in which a new technique is
"announced" about "Skinny-WAR deployment":

(Andi Huber):
> In my IDE I've prepared a payara (others like tomcat should work as well) with shared
libraries, such that my actual WAR files are usually less then 2MB in size.
> So the entire Apache Isis ecosystem's libraries are not included with the WAR file and
the servlet-engine is up and running during the entire development session, no need to restart.

> That way, when I change a java file in the IDE, a redeployment happens automatically
and does not take longer than 4-6 sec on my machine.

> We are working hard on the coming 2.0.0-M1 pre-release. While code is almost ready for
production, documentation still lags behind. But we will (sooner or later) include documentation
on how to setup such a Skinny-WAR deployment.

Question is, as we wait for 2.0; Could somebody drop here a few
pointers on how such setup could be achieved on the current 1.16 ?

-- - will be finished someday.

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