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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Re: DOM folder - where is it hiding?
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2017 07:09:07 GMT
Actually, in the 1.14.0 version of the simpleapp archetype the 'dom',
'fixture' and 'integtests' module have all been moved.

Instead, you'll see a module/simple (or it might be called module-simple)
which contains each of these modules.

The idea is to support modular development, so each module provides its own
fixtures and can have its own unit tests (which it already did) and also
integration tests.

The 'app' module meanwhile has "smoke" integ tests which exercise the whole
app.  I've left the BDD cucumber tests there also.

We're slowly refactoring our Estatio app [1] to follow this structure.  I
also discussed modular apps in a pair of articles on InfoQ [2], [3]

Hope that makes sense.





On Thu, 30 Mar 2017, 06:34 Stephen Cameron, <>

Hello Josh,

The dom (domain object model) project has not disappeared after 1.13.1.

 The standard project setup is actually a group of 5 sub-projects (each
with their own maven project object model file 'pom.xml'): app, dom (domain
object model), fixtures, integtest, webapp.

All are important and cross-link, but you are correct that the dom project
will normally contain the classes that need to be enhanced by DataNucleus,
which for efficient workflow you should enable in your IDE of choice.

On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 2:04 PM, Joshua Beck <> wrote:

> Hi, I am new to Apache Isis and trying to get familiar with the setup and
> workflow. I have been working through the official first tutorial, "Pet
> Clinic".
> In the archetype version used (1.13.1), the DOM folder appears as a top
> level folder in the generated project.  This corresponds to other
> documentation and YouTube videos, and enables the Enhancer to be set up in
> IntelliJ IDEA as per the instructions in the Developer's Guide, at:
> .
> The setting up of the enhancer is pointed out to be a very important step,
> and clearly, one needs to know what Working Directory to point the
> to.  But also, that DOM folder seems to be the key thing upon which the
> entire Apache Isis concept is based.
> So, after 1.13.1, where has it disappeared to?  I have tried to puzzle
> through the pom.xml and pom-jdo-enhance-all.xml files, but I'm no Maven
> expert and it's not making sense to me.
> Thanks
> Josh

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