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From Erik de Hair <>
Subject Re: Starting app with AppManifest (1.12.1)
Date Fri, 06 May 2016 12:03:42 GMT
Hi Dan,

Thanks for the extra explanation.

On 05/05/2016 09:29 AM, Dan Haywood wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> If the AppManifest is present then it overrides/replaces the
> key in the configuration file.
> The general idea is to provide an empty module class at the base package of
> your app. Include this class in the list returned from getModules(). The
> framework uses the package of this module class to identify where in the
> classpath to go searching.
> You'll see that all the isisaddons use this approach.
> The framework itself uses this for the applib services, but there is also a
> hard coded list of additional packages that are for internally implemented
> services. From memory that hardcoded last is a constant field of
> AppManifest interface.
> In addition to all that, you can also specify additional service classes in
> the AppManifest 's getServices() method.  The intended usage of this is for
> integ tests and demos to subclass the app' s normal production AppManifest,
> eg to stub out/mock external services.
> The solution to your bootstrap problem is a bit of lateral thinking... just
> define a module for your quartz stuff, but in the app module. So long as
> that module's package matches (or is in a parent package of) the service
> you want to pick up over in the webapp module, you should be good.
I created a module and the services are loading now. Added some domain 
event subscriber to manage security from the main app. All working now.
> Dan
> On 4 May 2016 2:43 pm, "Erik de Hair" <> wrote:
> Hi again :-)
> Something's not clear to me. Since using the AppManifest some services are
> not automatically registered. After adding them to the AppManifest they
> were. Other services though, were registered like in older Apache Isis
> versions. Did anything change? I can't find it in the
> docs/release/migration notes.
> And I have a service in the webapp for registering Quartz-jobs
> (dependencies only added in the webapp). Because of the above issue it's
> not registered and doesn't show up in the main menu. The app-module doesn't
> have a dependency on the web app (and it can't be added because of circular
> annotation processing problems). How can I add a service from the webapp to
> the AppManifest or at least make sure it is loaded?
> Erik

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