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From Erik de Hair <>
Subject Re: Apache Isis 1.12.1 missing component factory class names in Wicket HTML
Date Wed, 04 May 2016 11:58:14 GMT
Hi Dan,

On 04/17/2016 03:08 PM, Dan Haywood wrote:
> On 15 April 2016 at 08:06, Erik de Hair <> wrote:
>>> If you could work with me to figure out what needs to be changed -
>>> hopefully it won't be too difficult to fix - then I'll be happy to put out
>>> a 1.12.2 patch release.  (Also for the missing cancel buttons, per your
>>> other mail).
>> What kind of information do you need?
> I've just done a review of the various .html files for each of the
> component in the wicket-ui.  For the new stuff,
> under org.apache.isis.viewer.wicket.ui.components.layout.bs3.clearfix,
> there are one or two that don't specify the containing class, eg
> ClearFix.html, Col.html and BS3GridPanel.html.  All the rest though are
> pretty much as they were.
The Wicket-stuff seems only to be rendered when adding


to the WicketApplication. I saw an issue about this in the release notes so this gave me the
idea of adding this line, and it worked. But now it's also rendered in SERVER-mode.


> Would it be sufficient for you to add in a class for these missing
> components; perhaps use "bs3-" as a common prefix for all (eg
> "bs3-clearFix", "bs3-col" etc).
> And if so, perhaps you might like to raise a pull request with those
> changes?
> Thx
> Dan

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