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From Cesar Lugo <>
Subject RE: Multi-Database
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 18:33:14 GMT

I was just wondering if this solution will consider 2 phase commit, so if I create a transaction
in Apache ISIS (which I understand are automatically managed) that involves entity A in database
A and entity B in database B with mutable values in both (updating the values of some fields
from both entities in both databases), it either commits or rolls back the entire transaction
in both databases. Is this the way it works?

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From: Kambiz Darabi [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2016 6:57 AM
To: Guilherme541 Gamer
Subject: Re: Multi-Database

Hi Moacir,

we worked on the same problem recently and have a moderately working solution, but it involved
a patch to DataNucleus itself.

This is how an entity is annotated:

@PersistenceCapable(identityType = IdentityType.DATASTORE, schema = "subscription_service",
table = "subscribers") @Extension(vendorName = "datanucleus", key = "datastore", value = "store-subscription")
public class Subscriber ...

Note the 'datastore' key with value 'store-subscription'.

Matching to that value, we have this in

and finally the file which contains the usual:


This is the branch containing the commit which we have tested with
datanucleus-core-4.1.2 and 4.1.7:

If you are interested in trying it out and don't want to build datanucleus-core yourself,
I could release a patched 4.1.7 version which is compatible with Isis 1.12.1.

Hope this helps


On 2016-04-27 15:06 CEST, Guilherme541 Gamer <> wrote:

> Sorry for bad english. In fact I want to know how to connect a 
> particular entity A in a database A and another entity B in another 
> database B. I ask again apologize for the e-mail nickname , my son 
> changed. I have been using APACHE ISIS framework on health systems in 
> my city because I am a public agent in Brasil city Porto Velho - 
> Rondônia. I implemented the records only for patients SUS card, a benefit given by the
Brazilian government.
> Grateful for your attention.
> Moacir Bishop Camata

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