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From Kambiz Darabi <>
Subject Re: Spiro support in Isis
Date Mon, 28 Sep 2015 16:34:50 GMT
Hi Dan,

I wanted to ask whether you had the time to look into this.

If not, I would be willing to invest some time, but would need a bit of
advice on how to tackle it.



On 2015-08-17 17:32 CEST, Dan Haywood <> wrote:

> Hi Kambiz,
> No, there isn't support at the moment.
> I would imagine it would probably take a couple of days to implement for
> me, perhaps less. For someone less familiar with the code, perhaps double
> that.
> Once I have 1.9.0 released (in the next week hopefully) I'll spend a couple
> of evenings looking at it to see if I can "break the back of it" (eg that
> you might finish it off if you really need the feature).
> Hope that sounds OK to you..
> Cheers, Dan
> On 17 Aug 2015 14:09, "Kambiz Darabi" <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is Isis capable of supporting the simple domain model as described in
>> section 1.25.1 of the RO spec?
>> I ask because of Richard Pawson's answer to my question on github:
>> > I'm afraid this is not going to be straightforward. Either Isis needs
>> > to support the 'simple' domain model (my strong preference!), or Spiro
>> > needs to be extended to work with the formal model (a lot of change -
>> > and, inherently, much more complex than working with the simple
>> > approach). I have suggested to Dan that in the next version of the RO
>> > spec that the Simple domain model should be mandatory and the formal
>> > one an optional extra.
>> If there is no built-in support, I would be interested in an estimate of
>> how much effort would be needed to implement that functionality.
>> Thanks
>> Kambiz

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