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From Erik de Hair <>
Subject Re: Exception while deploying application using (1.9.0-SNAPSHOT)
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2015 09:01:31 GMT
Hi Dan,

On 08/25/2015 04:36 PM, Dan Haywood wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> hmm... not sure.  Just looking at the history of that class
> (ServiceInjectorDefault) and it's had an init(): void method for a long
> time (several years).  So the stacktrace doesn't seem very helpful.  Is
> there any more to it (eg underlying cause?)
The stacktrace I sent was the complete stacktrace. There's no more 
> Does the app run okay from the cmd line (using mvn -P self-host antrun:run
>    or   mvn jetty:run)?
It does run when using mvn jetty:run

> Does the app run okay using org.apache.isis.WebServer from an IDE (as
> described in our docs)?
Tried this but have no AppManifest setup yet. Will do that.
> When you say you are running via embedded Tomcat, what do you mean exactly
> (is this mvn tomcat:run or similar?)
I was using mvn tomcat7:run-war. We do this is because we have some 
tokens in property-files to be replaced by filters (while creating the 
war) depending on the target server (development, test, production).

What is actually the most common way to run the application during 
development with the possibility to modify DB-connection info, hostname, 
port etc without keeping them in version control? I could externalize 
some configurations but not all, I believe.
> Thx
> Dan

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