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Subject masthead/common component
Date Fri, 20 Dec 2013 14:28:34 GMT
hi Dan,

thanks for answering my question,  I am trying to write a prototype to see
if ISIS will do what I want it to do.

One the problems I would like to resolve is the issue of common components.

Assuming I am writing a system that is going to go allow students to book
courses against their name,  I have want to have a pull down box that
describes the type off courses available.  I would like to code this as a
separate control, because I may wish to add it to several different pages.

I want to do this in an OO way because I have no desire to have to copy
the same code twice or I may wish to subclass it for any number of
different reasons.

Can ISIS support this meathodology?  I have assumed that ISIS requires
page has a sort of one to one relationship with a single controller,
formed from sub times and that ISIS uses reflection to decide what type of
interface to select on the client page, e.g. a date picker in the case of
a date field?


> > On 20 December 2013 09:38, <> wrote:
> >
> >>
> >> I am thinking about using Isis to implement a web site, My website has a
> >> masthead and other common component such as a widget for taking two date
> >> fields, which I like to share across several screens.

My instinct is that you might find this a bit tricky (at least, if just
starting out with Isis).

As you've probably figured out, Isis is a framework that automatically
renders domain objects to the UI.  Each of the screens renders either a
single domain object, or a standalone collection returned by invoking an

What I'm not sure about is what these two dates fields you want to show fit
into this?

>  >>
> >> I known that Isis supports what appears to be single style widgets, such
> >> as the gmap/excel integration, does it support multiple common
> >> components?
> >>

Isis Wicket viewer is quite extensible, and - by using the ComponentFactory
interface - we can change the rendering of any part of any view.  So, the
answer to your question is "probably"... but it needs to be cast in terms
of the domain objects that are being rendered.

Give us some more details, we'll see if we can work out whether Isis is a
fit for your requirements


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> >> regards
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> >> Dave.
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