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From GESCONSULTOR - Óscar Bou <>
Subject Re: Views and view models
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2013 10:11:34 GMT

Hi James,

In our case, the reporting capabilities were of high importance to the end-users, so we chose
to integrate a full Self-Service BI platform as part of the whole solution, instead of developing
a custom integration with Jasper, custom charts, etc.

The solution is SpagoBI. Find more information about features at [1], a running demo on [2],
and information about licensing (Mozilla Public License v.2.0) on [3]. Really powerful and
easy to use for end-customers.
It was not easy to setup and run (at least in the first version 4 release) but once done,
it works ok. Some configuration instructions and config files are missing, but we can help
if needed.

The domain is starting to being managed by Isis in some Business Contexts, and the reporting
works directly against the database structure. 
The SpagoBI viewer is simply integrated with iframes, and it also supports CAS for Single

Another option if you don't want a full BI platform, but instead "analytical dashboards" that
allow you to drill-down on charts, etc. is the newly released JBoss Dashboard Builder, with
Apache License. It's being developed as part of the JBPM project, but is fully supported to
be deployed stand-alone, just for data analytics.  We've also adopted it for complementing
SpagoBI capabilities regarding management dashboards.

Find source code at [4], including setup instructions, and you can access a recorded webminar
dated last 26th October, on [5].








El 12/11/2013, a las 10:34, David Tildesley <> escribió:

> Hi Jeroen,
> Out of curiosity, what was the driver for using a database view instead of calling the
behaviour on the domain layer to get the information for the view model? Performance?
> David.
> On Tuesday, 12 November 2013 1:09 AM, Jeroen van der Wal <>
> To answer questions 1 and 2: the Estatio codebase has two examples of a
> viewmodel using a database view [1]. Haven't worked with Jasper Reports
> myself, perhaps others have?
> [1]
> On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 11:47 PM, james agada <> wrote:
>> I want to use view models. The documentation is a bit scanty and the todo
>> view model and how it is used is difficult for me to comprehend.
>> 1. Can I define views at database level and map it to a view model? If so,
>> a small example will do.
>> 2. Is there a better documented example of using view models for instance
>> for reports.
>> 3. Is there a way to integrate something like jasper report to isis?

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