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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Some questions
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2013 18:19:29 GMT
Hi all,

I recently gave a presentation "Introducing Apache Isis" [1] and at the 
end of the session had a few questions that I wasn't sure of the 
answers to. I have since followed up with the asker after the event 
and received a few more (I've provided some initial answers below in 
square brackets).

I'd appreciate answers from those in the know! (and perhaps others 
would be, too)

In no particular order:
a) how well does it work on EE6+ servers and how much of EE 
infrastructure can it leverage? (see next questions)

b) how do annotations that are use relate to JSR-330, or even CDI for 
that matter given that you share names of annoations

c) could validation be extended to use bean validation spec?

d) could user use JPA instead of JDO?
[The Isis DN objectstore currently has a JDO implementation. One 
would have to write a JPA equivalent?]

e) any there other persistence providers that work with isis beyond 
[Again, for a "seamless" fit, you can write your own objectstore 
implementation. Otherwise, you can bypass Isis' objectstore and use 
your own store API - but this would require disabling bytecode 
enhancements, etc... More specific guidance can be provided on 

f) What about client-side validation?

General feedback: The guys asking all seemed to working on or for 
Redhat (JBoss) and related. They seemed surprised that Isis adopted 
JDO over JPA, with comments along the lines of "but JDO is dead 
already". Otherwise, the general consensus was positive, since Isis 
handles all that one could want, if one wanted everything to be 
provided by a single framework.

(warning: it's in Slovenian)

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