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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: What is Apache Isis? Answer by analogy
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2013 18:28:45 GMT
On 9 Sep 2013 at 8:18, Dan Haywood wrote:

> > I was trying to describe Isis to some scientist colleagues the other
> > night with mixed success. A little later (in the shower, as is so often
> > the case), I realised quite a neat analogy: LaTeX [1]
> >
> It's a good analogy, though I don't know how many devs today will have know
> LaTeX.

Ah, well, there is that.. I'll just have to rely on the description to make 
it clear what LaTeX is doing / how it's used! ;)

Don't forget, a lot of scientist types (who use / have used LaTeX) also 
do development work in their labs. If we can get them to start using 
Isis instead of python (etc)....

> > So what is Isis?
> > Isis is a framework that lets developers write self-contained code to
> > represent a (business) case. Isis examines that code, with its implied
> > rules, and automatically renders a UI and handles persistence - at
> > runtime. It can also expose the same business case to other services
> > while preserving all the encoded business rules (via a REST
> > interface), provide Authentication (login control) and Authorisation (is
> > this user allowed to do that?).
> >
> >
> Just comparing that with our current "hero" text on [3]
> *Apache IsisTM software is a framework for rapidly developing domain-driven
> apps in Java. Write your business logic in entities, domain services and
> repositories, and the framework dynamically generates a representation of
> that domain model as a webapp or a RESTful API. For prototyping or
> production.
> *
> I'm not sure there's a lot of difference there...

Oh, there needn't be any / much difference. I'm just using my own 
words. I would like everyone to write their own description of what Isis 
is, in their own words, to get many different statements. Someone out 
there might find one persons description closer to their needs and use 

Basically, I'd like to create a page on the Isis documentation site titled 
something like "in their own words" and the list of (at least all) 
committers and other users...


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