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From GESCONSULTOR - Óscar Bou <>
Subject Re: Isis session and transaction management on a custom viewer
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2013 15:17:12 GMT
Hi, David.

Really interesting. This second  we plan to integrate with the CAS SSO platform the Isis domain,
as detailed in [1]. 

Authentication in CAS, authorization in Domain, thanks to Shiro (and also on CAS on ). 

It would be helpful to know about your approach to logout and session timeout when you implement
it. But in our case seems that CAS will manage that functionality, instead of Shiro.




El 06/09/2013, a las 12:52, David Tildesley <> escribió:

> Hi Dan,
> Dan wrote:
>> If using Isis' Shiro integration for authenticaiotn/authorizatino, then
>> there are also Shiros session management to consider [4].  I am pretty sure
>> the default for that is also HttpSession, but it would seem to be pluggable
>> and they say it supports clusters [5].
> You're right. Played with this by co-incidence today. I think this default causes some
loss of useful Shiro features (deferring to the container). Turned on Shiro "native session
manager" today by simple property in Shiro.ini as per Shiro documentation[4]. Works ok and
adds more capability (e.g. ability to define Shiro session event listener,define Shiro session
timeout, ...). We are leaning towards form based container based authentication (already hooked
Shiro into trusting container authentication and leaving Shiro to do authorisation). Reason
is that we are using container authentication for "NegotiateAssertion" for enterprise desktop
SSO (Kerberos) and we make this a "permanent feature" and also  have a fall through ("SUFFICIENT")
 AD ldap authenticator defined as next container authentication provider - simply to make
life easy for the testers. We hope to log events off the Shiro session events (start, stop,
...) . But we've still got work to do
> around this and the side affects (e.g. session timeout and "logout" behaviour). 
> If  using native session manager then need to name the Shiro session cookie something
other than the default JSESSIONID because it causes weirdness when the container also produces
a session cookie of the same name.
> David.
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> [7]

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