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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Making releases easier and more frequent
Date Sat, 01 Dec 2012 15:36:32 GMT
On 1 December 2012 14:23, Minto van der Sluis <> wrote:

> >Hmm, I get confused by the artifactIds. I see both for formats
> (isis-viewer-bdd and isis-wicket-viewer).

ah, that was a typo.  the intention for artifactIds was: isis-xxx-viewer,
isis-yyy-objectstore  etc.

> I also see artifactIds with 4
> sections, for instance: isis-jdo-objectstore-metamodel. This confuses
> me. Is it an objectstore or a metamodel?

ok, well... some modules (in fact, most) have more than one component.  And
I don't think we should insist that all modules have only one component.

In this particular example, isis-jdo-objectstore-metamodel would be the
additional facet factories that are added to the metamodel that interpret
JDO-specific annotations.  That is to distinguish from, say,
isis-jdo-objectstore-datanucleus, which is the stuff that calls the
DataNucleus' specific stuff.

But there is similar layering in isis-scimpi-viewer,
isis-restfulobjects-viewer, isis-wicket-viewer, isis-sql-objectstore.

(isis-metamodel-jdo) Also is
> there really a difference between model and metamodel?
> (isis-jdo-objectstore-metamodel vs isis-wicket-viewer-model).

Yes... there is (though even if there weren't, I'm not sure it matters too
much ... I'd rather give the authors of individual components/modules some
latitude in how they name the individual submodules.  For example, scimpi
has isis-scimpi-dispatcher and isis-scimpi-servlet.  Anyone who wants to
get involved in enhancing scimpi would grok these particular names and why
they were chosen easily enough)

To answer your question, though... jdo's metamodel submodule is as
described above, its contributions to the Isis metamodel, whereas wicket's
model is Isis' implementation of Wicket's IModel interface.

> By the way my preference here is isis-objectstore-jdo. For the same
> reason as for the proposed location (easy component grouping when
> viewing directory). In my own projects I usually have my directory
> location match my artifactIds.

ok, so we now we have a couple of  distinct and different preferences in
the community.

Anyone else have an explicit preferences:
a) for the artifactId: isis-jdo-objectstore vs isis-objectstore-jdo
b) for whether artifactId = directory name

> Also, isis-scimpi-viewer needs some more attention.

the artifactIds weren't correct ... now fixed



> >
> > Please check out the updated version of that wiki page [1] and let me
> know
> > your thoughts.  It's important that we get this right (I don't want to
> have
> > to do it all over in 3 months time!!!)
> >
> > Dan
> >
> > [1]
> >
> >
> >

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