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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Re: final Oid refactoring changes committed
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 14:02:06 GMT
Hi Dan,

As you can imagine, I am a little strapped for time right now.

But I can tell you that I do have one deployed application out there, 
that is currently being used (possibly on a daily basis) ;-)

For the moment, I will assume that if I have to do any framework 
changes, I have to use a snapshot of the framework before you 

I wonder if you can do a minor version bump, so that I can do a build 
and not replace my current binaries in my maven repository?

I will need to do some rigorous testing before deploying your current 

But! Despite this, I trust you had good reasons for embarking on this 
change, so, Well Done!

I assume my sql-os tests all pass? (at least the non-server ones, as 
you will need to configure your own mysql and postgresql servers for 

When I find some more time again, maybe your changes will make the 
Cayenne-based OS easier to complete.


On 15 May 2012 at 7:45, Dan Haywood wrote:

> Hi all (in particular, Rob and Kevin)...
> as you might have seen, I did a chunk more commits on the Oid refactoring.
>  I had a green build locally, but the overnight build was a little
> inconclusive, because I had forgotten to commit a file or two.  As I write,
> I've queued a further build up, so we'll see how it goes.
> As per the previous email, this refactoring has impacted a lot of
> components, and it is inevitable that some things are going to be broken...
> some intentionally, some unintentionally.
> Kevin/Rob...
> when refactoring, I decided to comment out defunct code and put in its
> replacement.  Thus, if you are reviewing a change and think I've made a
> mistake (definitely possible), then hopefully it'll be that much easier to
> detect.  What I'll do is to start deleting this commented out code now
> going forward; I just wanted there to be a commit where it was relatively
> easy to see before and after changes.
> Kevin/Rob...
> the other thing to be aware of is that I have intentionally broken the
> serialization format for XML, SQL and NoSQL OS.  For example, the NoSQL
> would serialize a "_type" and an "_id" property.  Nominally, now serializes
> an "_oid" instead of both.  (In fact, it does still serialize the "_id",
> but this is because Mongo requires such an id).
> My rationale for doing this is that I wanted to get down to the simplest
> possible code if I could.  If you (or anyone else, of course), have
> deployed systems where there's a requirement to read "legacy" serialization
> formats, then we can add back in some code just to address this requirement
> (a decorator, perhaps?).  I would hope that this isn't a major piece of
> work to do.
> Rob...
> Going back to last nights build, the NoSQL build failed because Mongo
> server wasn't running on the build box... I don't ever recall us requesting
> that to be set up for us, so am a bit confused as to how this used to be
> green. Any ideas?
> ~~~
> I'm sure there'll be some fall-out from this, but in general I'm happy
> about how much simpler quite a lot of the code is.  In particular, I can
> see that it ought to be quite easy to make the HTML viewer stateless .. the
> PersistentRootAdapterMapping is probably not required, and we could also
> probably serialize the TransientRootAdapterMapping info into a URL encoded
> JSON stream and embed within the page.
> ~~~
> Next steps... I hope to have some further time this week to work on Isis.
>  What I want to do next is to build up the "TCK" application so that we can
> get a canonical test app from which we can build some object store contract
> tests.  Right now the various object stores are tested to differing levels
> of completeness; having a TCK will make ensure a consistent level of
> quality for the current object stores, and set a target for any new object
> stores (eg the JPA object store I intend to revive, and the Cayenne object
> store that Kevin has in his back pocket some where).
> That's all for now.
> Dan

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