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From "Kevin Meyer" <>
Subject Commit 1148917: Changes for Maven3
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 07:55:05 GMT

Thanks to Nour's getting Isis into the fisheye system[1], I've noticed
that you updated the framework/pom.xml to allow Maven3 in the rules

I seem to recall that there is a problem with the site plugin, though.

Maven3 requires a maven-site-plugin of 3.0-beta-3 which in turn, requires
Maven3. Thus, unless there is a way to build in conditional version
dependencies into the dependencies sections, the same framework/pom.xml
can't support both Maven 2 and Maven 3, at least as far as the site
plugin is concerned...

Any suggestions?


PS: Thanks Rob (for the nudge) and Nour for switching on the Fisheye view!


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