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From Mohammad Nour El-Din <>
Subject Re: IRC chat log with Ruudjah on 30 Jun 2011
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2011 09:17:30 GMT
Thanks Dan

On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 8:28 PM, Dan Haywood <> wrote:
> Hi Nour,
> Thanks for fielding this... I must admit I'm hardly ever on our IRC channel.
>  Maybe as our community grows.
> Anyway, below I've pasted in your transcript, and I've responded with some
> inline comments.
> Cheers
> Dan
> (09:09:23 PM) mnour: Ruudjah: Hi
> (09:09:33 PM) mnour: welcome on Apache Isis IRC channel :)
> (09:59:29 PM) Ruudjah: hi
> (10:00:25 PM) Ruudjah: naked object pattern always assumes ui will be
> generated?
> (10:00:44 PM) Ruudjah: Is there a synergy beteen isis and EMF (Eclipse model
> framework)?
> Dan: the NOF framework predated EMF, and also in the early days we wanted
> NOF to be cross-platform (.NET and also Java).  So, although we did look at
> EMF, it didn't do anything that we hadn't already developed for ourselves.
> (10:03:31 PM) Ruudjah: central to emf is the metamodel; a model to describe
> models
> (10:03:36 PM) mnour: and for Isis, yes it is more for applications using a
> GUI to interact with
> (10:03:45 PM) mnour: in that regard yes
> (10:04:32 PM) mnour: Isis uses a metamodel to describe what features/facets
> you defined on ur model besides the model itself which can be written in
> Java or Groovy
> (10:04:34 PM) Ruudjah: As I assume isis will have a metamodel too
> Dan: indeed it does.
> ...
> (10:06:06 PM) mnour: can u describe the problem u have
> (10:06:08 PM) Ruudjah: which is wiki assisted coding
> (10:06:31 PM) Ruudjah: I have an icon and a wiki page for every
> class/abstractClass/interface
> (10:06:49 PM) Ruudjah: also
> (10:07:06 PM) Ruudjah: I have a description and title string getters for
> every class/aClass/interface
> (10:07:42 PM) Ruudjah: the description comes from a wiki page (of the
> class/aClass/interface)
> (10:08:35 PM) Ruudjah: So when I have a class implementing an interface whch
> in turn inherits from the Meta interface (with title/description/icon etc
> getters)
> (10:08:57 PM) Ruudjah: the generated java model code class needs to have
> this interface autoimplemented
> (10:09:10 PM) Ruudjah: thats basically the problem i have
> Dan: we aim to avoid that sort of coupling: of requiring that classes
> implement specific interfaces.  We do this by wrapping each domain object in
> an adapter (ObjectAdapter).
> (10:11:42 PM) Ruudjah: EMF natively supports code generation extension
> (10:12:04 PM) Ruudjah: meaning I can extend emf to implement the meta impls
> for me
> (10:12:25 PM) Ruudjah: Im not sure about code generation in isis
> (10:12:42 PM) mnour: thats why I am asking you to send ur question over the
> mailing list :D
> (10:12:51 PM) Ruudjah: mainly about two-way code generation
> (10:13:10 PM) Ruudjah: e.g. generate a class, edit class manually, then
> regenerate code without touching manual stuff
> Dan: Isis is definitely *not* about code generation.  Everything is done at
> runtime.  So if you are looking for a code-gen solution, then Isis isn't for
> you.
> (10:13:39 PM) Ruudjah: does isis support gwt?
> Dan: a GWT-based viewer has been developed (by one of our committers) but it
> was closed source.   It's definitely doable.  If we did it again open
> source, I would push to use Vaadin instead, and hit the JSON protocol we
> have recently started to implement (see
> On 03/07/2011 19:02, Mohammad Nour El-Din wrote:
>> Hi...
>>    Please find the attached text file of an IRC chat log happened
>> between me and Ruudjah and he asked some questions mainly comparing
>> between Apache Isis and EMF, I tried to answer as much as I know, and
>> also encouraged him to send an e-mail on isis-dev@ but seems he
>> didn't, I hope I am not the reason :D.
>> But anyway, he has mentioned some good questions that I want to know
>> the answer about and maybe we come out with some ideas from them.
>> Looking forward to your feedback.

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