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From "Kevin Meyer - KMZ" <>
Subject Adding support for documents and pictures as a value type.. ?
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 18:51:18 GMT

I see that there is an oai.applib.value.Image value type and value 
semantics provider, to support byte[][] arrays (generic images, I 

But what would be required to support embedded documents with, I 
suppose, MIME types that could be used to call out to system handlers 
to load and display (e.g. a PDF document will be opened by Acrobat or 
evince, or whatever)?

I am particularly thinking about the browser client-side resources to 
handle this in the HTML / Wicket / Scimpi viewers... where there 
should be mechanisms to "open/download", "update/upload".

For images, I have a mental picture of an icon (thumbnail view) being 
immediately visible on the viewer - as a clickable link. Clicking on the 
link would fetch the actual document. Does this break the Isis viewer 

I guess the iconName() method could be used to return the 
thumbnail... then the "value" would be actual content, and handled by 
the browser already (provided the correct content type was sent to the 

Is this straight forward? really tricky?

What about "browse..." & "upload" buttons to sent content?

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