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From Dan Haywood <>
Subject slight change to way of doing build and site
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2010 18:21:48 GMT
Dear all,

As you know, our trunk/pom.xml currently has a set of profiles that us 
to perform builds of different "widths" (ie which modules), different 
"depths" (just the minimum, or full javadocs, reports etc), and 
different types (default lifecycle vs site lifecycle).  As things are, 
we use -P and a comma separated list to activate multiple profiles, eg 
-P all,build-all.

However, I've been looking at the release process that we've inherited 
from the ASF parent, and it looks like this approach of using -P is 
incompatible.  So, I've used the very similar mechanism of activating 
profiles by specifying a -D property.

Basically, to activate profile with id xxx-yyy, instead of -P xxx-yyy, 
you use -D xxx=yyy

Therefore, the new ways to build are:

mvn clean install -o                                          # the 
modules-standard profile is activated by default
mvn clean install -D modules=standard -o    # explicitly activating the 
modules-standard profile
mvn clean install -D build=full -o                    # modules-standard 
and also the build-full profile
mvn clean install -D modules=all -o               # explicitly 
activating modules-all profile
mvn clean install -D modules=all -D build=full -o   # explicitly 
activating both modules-all and build-full

To build the site docs:

prereqs are pretty much as before:
a) mvn install:install-file -D -D artifactId=jimi  -D 
version=1.0 -D packaging=jar -D file=/path/to/file
b) mvn clean install -D modules=skin -o     # explicitly activate the 
modules-skin profile

and then:
mvn site-deploy -D modules=standard -D deploy=local 
-o                     # activate modules-standard and deploy-local profile
mvn site-deploy -D modules=standard -D deploy=local -D site=full -o  # 
activate modules-standard,deploy-local, site-full

All the above is also documented in trunk/pom.xml, which I've just this 
minute committed (rev 1030591).


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