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From "Sebb (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (INFRA-16612) 201712 mailboxes need to be re-extracted
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2018 08:52:00 GMT


Sebb commented on INFRA-16612:

Out of curiosity, I did a check of the last From_ lines in the mboxes before and after re-generating
most of them.

It looks like none of them had entries after about Dec 14.

This means there must have been another problem with the scripts, whereby the mbox files were
not being synchronised correctly.

> 201712 mailboxes need to be re-extracted
> ----------------------------------------
>                 Key: INFRA-16612
>                 URL:
>             Project: Infrastructure
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: Mail Archives
>            Reporter: Sebb
>            Assignee: Sebb
>            Priority: Minor
> Analysis of the file sizes on mail-archives shows that many of the files from 201712
are too small compared with the gzip file:
> allura-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 6163(gz)
> ambari-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 8659(gz)
> apex-commits/201712 87066(yyyymm) LT 158326(gz)
> aries-dev/201712 22743(yyyymm) LT 59525(gz)
> aries-user/201712 6514(yyyymm) LT 8868(gz)
> asterixdb-commits/201712 1091110(yyyymm) LT 1378349(gz)
> avro-commits/201712 163328(yyyymm) LT 206639(gz)
> avro-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 23341(gz)
> axis-java-commits/201712 36840(yyyymm) LT 522707(gz)
> bigtop-commits/201712 32616(yyyymm) LT 76785(gz)
> bookkeeper-distributedlog-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 6157(gz)
> bookkeeper-distributedlog-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 19107(gz)
> bookkeeper-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 9966(gz)
> chemistry-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1118(gz)
> clerezza-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 48887(gz)
> cocoon-users/201712 5392(yyyymm) LT 5896(gz)
> couchdb-dev/201712 32209(yyyymm) LT 40190(gz)
> ctakes-user/201712 470520(yyyymm) LT 700497(gz)
> curator-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 4440(gz)
> db-derby-commits/201712 6864(yyyymm) LT 163904(gz)
> deltaspike-commits/201712 71815(yyyymm) LT 76864(gz)
> deltaspike-users/201712 12595(yyyymm) LT 29574(gz)
> directory-fortress/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 5519(gz)
> drat-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1058(gz)
> drill-commits/201712 41996(yyyymm) LT 415227(gz)
> edgent-commits/201712 899341(yyyymm) LT 2073914(gz)
> empire-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 5365(gz)
> felix-commits/201712 460657(yyyymm) LT 948537(gz)
> flume-user/201712 12955(yyyymm) LT 43764(gz)
> fluo-dev/201712 23016(yyyymm) LT 56632(gz)
> freemarker-notifications/201712 5473(yyyymm) LT 8552(gz)
> geronimo-dev/201712 21255(yyyymm) LT 37939(gz)
> geronimo-scm/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 70732(gz)
> gora-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 7869(gz)
> gora-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 31602(gz)
> groovy-commits/201712 3232925(yyyymm) LT 4362308(gz)
> hadoop-general/201712 7860(yyyymm) LT 24916(gz)
> hama-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1173(gz)
> hama-dev/201712 8382(yyyymm) LT 14967(gz)
> helix-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 459502(gz)
> helix-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 6844(gz)
> helix-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 12013(gz)
> hivemall-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 51955(gz)
> hivemall-issues/201712 12652(yyyymm) LT 20579(gz)
> iota-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2558(gz)
> johnzon-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2842(gz)
> juddi-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1857(gz)
> juddi-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 3741(gz)
> kylin-user/201712 1454458(yyyymm) LT 3339798(gz)
> labs-labs/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1957(gz)
> logging-log4cxx-user/201712 8604(yyyymm) LT 15496(gz)
> lucene-general/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 7854(gz)
> lucene-pylucene-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 9483(gz)
> lucenenet-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 48176(gz)
> madlib-commits/201712 614246(yyyymm) LT 687901(gz)
> mahout-dev/201712 85587(yyyymm) LT 95036(gz)
> manifoldcf-commits/201712 108600(yyyymm) LT 171956(gz)
> manifoldcf-user/201712 81098(yyyymm) LT 471075(gz)
> metron-user/201712 357225(yyyymm) LT 1248092(gz)
> milagro-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2549(gz)
> mina-commits/201712 13685(yyyymm) LT 97435(gz)
> nifi-users/201712 4655329(yyyymm) LT 4796086(gz)
> ode-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2131(gz)
> ode-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 9604(gz)
> ofbiz-user/201712 317020(yyyymm) LT 397788(gz)
> olingo-user/201712 5713(yyyymm) LT 15991(gz)
> oltu-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1731(gz)
> oozie-user/201712 19502(yyyymm) LT 19961(gz)
> openjpa-users/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1280(gz)
> openmeetings-user-espanol/201712 11802(yyyymm) LT 20001(gz)
> openmeetings-user/201712 11933037(yyyymm) LT 13306527(gz)
> opennlp-commits/201712 36813(yyyymm) LT 105617(gz)
> opennlp-dev/201712 17038(yyyymm) LT 25955(gz)
> openoffice-announce/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 1359(gz)
> openoffice-doc/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 3925(gz)
> openoffice-qa/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 8191(gz)
> openoffice-recruitment/201712 12446(yyyymm) LT 12694(gz)
> openoffice-utenti-it/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 18225(gz)
> openwebbeans-commits/201712 122435(yyyymm) LT 339354(gz)
> pagespeed-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 28029(gz)
> perl-embperl/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 3328(gz)
> polygene-commits/201712 99960(yyyymm) LT 666589(gz)
> pulsar-users/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2748(gz)
> ranger-commits/201712 393333(yyyymm) LT 457355(gz)
> ratis-dev/201712 29315(yyyymm) LT 30480(gz)
> sdap-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 251097(gz)
> sdap-dev/201712 9803(yyyymm) LT 10994(gz)
> servicecomb-dev/201712 14880(yyyymm) LT 848622(gz)
> servicecomb-issues/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 467253(gz)
> servicemix-issues/201712 20996(yyyymm) LT 21470(gz)
> sis-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2798(gz)
> skywalking-commits/201712 121155(yyyymm) LT 154960(gz)
> skywalking-dev/201712 81862(yyyymm) LT 100573(gz)
> sling-users/201712 15083(yyyymm) LT 38109(gz)
> spamassassin-ruleqa/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 669(gz)
> spark-dev/201712 791316(yyyymm) LT 817932(gz)
> sqoop-user/201712 442979(yyyymm) LT 2478808(gz)
> struts-user/201712 291597(yyyymm) LT 307130(gz)
> subversion-dev/201712 678288(yyyymm) LT 835742(gz)
> tcl-site-cvs/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 9079(gz)
> tez-user/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2863(gz)
> trafficserver-issues/201712 7438(yyyymm) LT 141835(gz)
> trafficserver-users/201712 558263(yyyymm) LT 649679(gz)
> trafodion-user/201712 91491(yyyymm) LT 420339(gz)
> velocity-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 2470(gz)
> weex-commits/201712 465973(yyyymm) LT 1340620(gz)
> www-geospatial/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 5079(gz)
> www-repository-commits/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 5777(gz)
> xalan-dev/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 3335(gz)
> xmlgraphics-batik-users/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 7595(gz)
> xmlgraphics-general/201712 0(yyyymm) LT 22664(gz)
> The update-index-monthly script which handles the extraction was only recently fixed
to handle year-end properly (INFRA-15754; April 2018).
> All the 201712 gzips need to be rechecked and updated as necessary.

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