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From "Sebb (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Commented] (INFRA-15757) Re-index updated mbox files on eos
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2018 16:57:00 GMT


Sebb commented on INFRA-15757:

The following files are affected:

abdera-dev/: 201112.mbox older than 201112.gz
accumulo-notifications/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
accumulo-user/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
airavata-issues/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
ambari-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
ambari-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
ambari-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
ambari-issues/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
aurora-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
batchee-dev/: 201311.mbox older than 201311.gz
beam-commits/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
beam-commits/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
bookkeeper-commits/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
cassandra-commits/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
climate-dev/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
cloudstack-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
cloudstack-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
cloudstack-issues/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
cloudstack-issues/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
commons-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
commons-commits/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
commons-dev/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
commons-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
commons-user/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
cordova-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
deltaspike-commits/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
directory-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
drill-issues/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
felix-dev/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
flex-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
flex-users/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
gora-dev/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
groovy-commits/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
groovy-notifications/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
groovy-users/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
hadoop-common-user/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
hadoop-hdfs-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
hadoop-hdfs-issues/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
hadoop-hdfs-user/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
hadoop-mapreduce-user/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
hadoop-user/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
hbase-builds/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
hbase-dev/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
hbase-dev/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
hbase-issues/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
hbase-issues/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
hbase-issues/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
hbase-issues/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
hive-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
hive-user/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
htrace-commits/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
htrace-issues/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
httpd-docs/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
httpd-users/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
httpd-users/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
incubator-clerezza-commits/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
incubator-clerezza-dev/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
incubator-cvs/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
incubator-cvs/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
incubator-flex-commits/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
incubator-flex-dev/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
incubator-general/: 201112.mbox older than 201112.gz
jclouds-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
jclouds-notifications/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
jspwiki-user/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
juneau-commits/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
juneau-dev/: 201607.mbox older than 201607.gz
kafka-users/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
kylin-commits/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
libcloud-notifications/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
logging-log4j-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
logging-log4j-user/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
lucene-commits/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
lucene-dev/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
lucene-dev/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
lucene-solr-user/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
mahout-dev/: 201112.mbox older than 201112.gz
mahout-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
mahout-user/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
manifoldcf-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
maven-dev/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
maven-issues/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
maven-issues/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
maven-notifications/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
mesos-builds/: 201504.mbox older than 201504.gz
mesos-builds/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
mesos-dev/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
mesos-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
mesos-reviews/: 201504.mbox older than 201504.gz
mesos-reviews/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
mxnet-commits/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
myfaces-commits/: 201112.mbox older than 201112.gz
oodt-commits/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
oodt-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
openoffice-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
openoffice-issues/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
openoffice-users/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
phoenix-dev/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
pig-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
poi-commits/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
poi-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
qpid-notifications/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
roller-commits/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
royale-dev/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
sirona-dev/: 201311.mbox older than 201311.gz
sis-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
sling-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
sling-users/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
spark-commits/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
spark-issues/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
spark-issues/: 201612.mbox older than 201612.gz
spark-issues/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
spark-reviews/: 201412.mbox older than 201412.gz
spark-reviews/: 201712.mbox older than 201712.gz
storm-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
storm-user/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
struts-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
subversion-commits/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
subversion-dev/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
tapestry-dev/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
tapestry-users/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
tomcat-dev/: 201212.mbox older than 201212.gz
trafficserver-commits/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
trafficserver-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
trafficserver-issues/: 201312.mbox older than 201312.gz
trafficserver-issues/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz
wicket-commits/: 201012.mbox older than 201012.gz
zeppelin-dev/: 201512.mbox older than 201512.gz

> Re-index updated mbox files on eos
> ----------------------------------
>                 Key: INFRA-15757
>                 URL:
>             Project: Infrastructure
>          Issue Type: Task
>          Components: Mail Archives
>            Reporter: Sebb
> The mbox cronjobs only handle mbox.gz files for the previous month (and the calculation
does not currently handle January, see INFRA-15754).
> There are now quite a few messages missing from the mbox indexes.
> The gz files need to be extracted into the corresponding mbox files.
> It looks like the hourly index job will then update the *.msgsum files and the listinfo.db.
> I am happy to take do this, but I would need to be able to run the gz extraction as the
modmbox user.

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