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Subject [jira] Subscription: Open INFRA issues
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2006 08:32:14 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Open INFRA issues (94 issues)

Key         Summary
INFRA-891   Mails sent to do not show up on,
although is subscribed.
INFRA-890   Mirron Ukraine
INFRA-889   small update to
INFRA-888   Please create a mod_python Wiki
INFRA-887   Do not allow webservers to server .svn URLs
INFRA-886   Mirror
INFRA-885   Create Santuario TLP
INFRA-881   Generated Docs have inconsistent line endings on Windows
INFRA-880   New Finland mirror
INFRA-879   Please close modproxy-dev@httpd.a.o
INFRA-878   Remove avalon and avalon-components unix groups on *
INFRA-876   Please create new wiki for women@a.o
INFRA-875   Need better python install
INFRA-874   New apache Mirror - Chile
INFRA-873   New apache mirror Chile
INFRA-872   Rename all pmc@ lists private@
INFRA-871   Replace ajax with eos
INFRA-870   Update nagios monitoring to include all machines/services acurately
INFRA-869   Re-addition of
INFRA-867   investigate making *-commits lists moderator less and spam proof
INFRA-866   Create Shale TLP
INFRA-865   [WORKFLOW] Template to request promoting a project to a new TLP
INFRA-863   Make private mail archives accessible to members through https
INFRA-862   new wiki spam account 'CdcDdcd'
INFRA-861   Please add [Tags] to OFBiz mailing lists
INFRA-860   XML errors in archived posts
INFRA-859   Notify Bugzilla users when a project has moved to JIRA
INFRA-855   mirror information change for
INFRA-854   New PL Mirror
INFRA-853   Setup ADF Faces in continuum
INFRA-851   Struts project - Create Confluence Instance
INFRA-849   New Armenian mirror
INFRA-848   Create new Jira Project for Incubator Preoject Abdera
INFRA-847   Fan failure in helios
INFRA-846   http mirror fixed
INFRA-841   Maven repositories not being synchronized?
INFRA-838   Restore Apache mirror
INFRA-834   Please add new mirror in Germany, Hannover
INFRA-831   New NL mirror
INFRA-828   New / Renewed Mirror in USA
INFRA-827   New mirror - please add
INFRA-825   Issue visibility not enabled in the form associated to the issue creation. 
INFRA-824   Internal error when creating Tomcat 6 issue.
INFRA-823   Create HiveMind TLP
INFRA-820   new http mirror for with german location
INFRA-819   New Mirror
INFRA-813   Import Jira projects into the main Jira
INFRA-808   Install request: apr v1.2.7 Solaris PKG within the zones
INFRA-797   Create new mailing lists for HiveMind
INFRA-796   Move HiveMind wiki from Jakarta to top-level
INFRA-777   Use wrapper to automatically restart Java services
INFRA-768   Missing HTML escaping in ViewCVS' svn diffs
INFRA-761   Import Torque issues into JIRA
INFRA-726   Remove old Lucene lists
INFRA-710   Nameserver entries for
INFRA-708   Rename/move of mailing list breaks archive URIs
INFRA-705   create to supercede
INFRA-698   Monitoring lenya.zones server
INFRA-690   Please create new Wiki for the Public Relations Committee (PRC) at
INFRA-624   svn --revprop svn:log changes not reflected in Jira issues
INFRA-608   Document Xserve installations
INFRA-607   Harden Xserve installations
INFRA-602   Configure Xserves as mail spool servers
INFRA-589   Replicate SpamAssassin Bugzilla e-mail comment setup on Ajax
INFRA-568   Account creation process should take care of apcvs ownership
INFRA-559   JIRA (and Bugzilla?) can't handle non-latin characters
INFRA-558   please close the scarab tracker for Turbine 2
INFRA-537   A few updates for the XML Graphics project
INFRA-443   setup xmlbeans-cxx subversion for incubator
INFRA-424   Install OpenSSL into /opt on the zones
INFRA-412   Implement proper mail-to-jira bridge
INFRA-407   Links on Saved searches Preferences tab are missing
INFRA-398   Turn off eyebrowse?
INFRA-397   Create a simple commandline tool for searching private e-mail archives
INFRA-391   Create a web application for creating and editing ~/.forward files
INFRA-371   point to
INFRA-352   Tweak the message body for jira notifications
INFRA-348   Make account-mailer provide host information
INFRA-347   Install svn:infrastructure/trunk/tools on all our machines
INFRA-346   Seriously clean up the infrastructure website documentation
INFRA-345   Write a script to detect unused accounts
INFRA-343   Write a script to remove svn auth credentials from the user accounts on our servers
INFRA-342   [WORKFLOW] Develop a CLA processing tool
INFRA-341   Standardised form for requesting standard resources
INFRA-338   Create an automated way to keep crontabs synced with SVN
INFRA-334   Document service checklist as part of
INFRA-330   Jira periodic issue summaries should include assignees
INFRA-315   SRS patch should be applied when available (SPF fail with mailinglists broken)
INFRA-261   Wiki change notifications need to look like they did before
INFRA-250   Enable e-mail comments for Bugzilla
INFRA-235   RFE: magic "revision" keyword in bugzilla comments
INFRA-227   Enable email tracking for Bugzilla
INFRA-222   anti-virus filtering overzealous for one specific list
INFRA-210   svnmailer breaks utility of diffs contained in SVN patches

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