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Subject [jira] Subscription: Open INFRA issues
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 23:31:31 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Open INFRA issues (78 issues)

Key         Summary
INFRA-545   Apache Mirror in Georgia
INFRA-544   [PATCH] Taritup patch for XML Commons, Batik and FOP after the move to SVN
INFRA-543   Change Reply-to of to Poster instead of List
INFRA-542   Create wiki for Tcl at
INFRA-541   create wiki space for
INFRA-540   * * * REHABILITATION * * *
INFRA-538   Create mod_ftp Incubator Mailing lists
INFRA-537   A few updates for the XML Graphics project
INFRA-535   I have my mirror back on an improved server
INFRA-534   Xerces dev snapshot builds using cvs rather than subversion
INFRA-531   CVS revisions are getting lost!
INFRA-530   New Mirror in Switzerland
INFRA-528   New HTTP Mirror
INFRA-527   new http,ftp,rsync httpd romanian mirror
INFRA-526 is back online
INFRA-524   Please remove a moderator from the gump lists
INFRA-523   mirror site for the Apache Software Foundation
INFRA-522   Mothball WS-FX CVS module
INFRA-521   Mothball WS-WSIL CVS module
INFRA-517   CV
INFRA-516   Maven commits mail lists changes
INFRA-515 should warn about new TLPs
INFRA-514   mirror
INFRA-513   mirror is up and running please add it back to the list
INFRA-509   SVN mailing list confirmations
INFRA-495   Mirror not displaying header or footer
INFRA-489   New list creation
INFRA-488 needs to move to TLP
INFRA-480   mod_mbox mail archives seem to be out of sync with the actual mailbox files
INFRA-477   auto-links to not working
INFRA-476   beehive TLP mailing list setup
INFRA-474   beehive TLP qmail setup
INFRA-472   Add * moderator
INFRA-466   new apache mirror in russian federation
INFRA-460   New HTTP mirror
INFRA-447   Create a script that gets rid of spamwatch pipe in .qmail files
INFRA-446   Move nightly builds off minotaur and onto ?ajax?
INFRA-445   Minotaur is not stripping the 'minotaur' part on outgoing e-mail
INFRA-443   setup xmlbeans-cxx subversion for incubator
INFRA-424   Install OpenSSL into /opt on the zones
INFRA-423   Upgrade httpd on Ajax
INFRA-417   Upgrade Sun Studio to version 10 on Helios
INFRA-412   Implement proper mail-to-jira bridge
INFRA-408   Add Scarab to the page
INFRA-407   Links on Saved searches Preferences tab are missing
INFRA-400   Create mailbox and point to /dev/null
INFRA-399   Filter out phishing emails more aggressively
INFRA-398   Turn off eyebrowse?
INFRA-397   Create a simple commandline tool for searching private e-mail archives
INFRA-391   Create a web application for creating and editing ~/.forward files
INFRA-382   Create
INFRA-371   point to
INFRA-370   Mailing list digest shows wrong Senders in summary
INFRA-363   mail archives are not obfuscating email addresses
INFRA-354   Auto-links to SVN commits not working
INFRA-352   Tweak the message body for jira notifications
INFRA-348   Make account-mailer provide host information
INFRA-347   Install svn:infrastructure/trunk/tools on all our machines
INFRA-346   Seriously clean up the infrastructure website documentation
INFRA-345   Write a script to detect unused accounts
INFRA-343   Write a script to remove svn auth credentials from the user accounts on our servers
INFRA-342   Develop a CLA processing tool
INFRA-341   Standardised form for requesting standard resources
INFRA-338   Update svn:infrastructure/trunk/crontabs with live config
INFRA-337   design and implement backup policy using rsync
INFRA-334   Document service checklist as part of
INFRA-330   Jira periodic issue summaries should include assignees
INFRA-315   SRS patch should be applied when available (SPF fail with mailinglists broken)
INFRA-261   Wiki change notifications need to look like they did before
INFRA-256   [wiki] Missing wiki pages after MoinMoin upgrade (iBATIS)
INFRA-250   Enable e-mail comments for Bugzilla
INFRA-238   Allow bugzilla mails to be easily threaded
INFRA-235   RFE: magic "revision" keyword in bugzilla comments
INFRA-227   Enable email tracking for Bugzilla
INFRA-226   Obtain SSL cert for
INFRA-222   anti-virus filtering overzealous for one specific list
INFRA-210   svnmailer breaks utility of diffs contained in SVN patches
INFRA-199   Convert Lucene's Bugzilla to JIRA

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