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From Derick Rethans <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Zeta Components Release on 2011-12-22
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 00:11:04 GMT
On Tue, 6 Dec 2011, Daniel Fahlke wrote:

> i have looked through the open Issues and tested checkout and unittests.
> So first, what is really blocking the release.
>    - that there is still occurrence of the term eZComponents inside of code
>      files
>    - the website is still not complete with all needed information
>    - Unittests are not running completely without fails.

And we can't run them properly, as PHPUnit breaks BC... not sure whether 
Sebastian already fixed the tests or not.

> As this all are not heavy problems, I recommend the 22. December as 
> Release Target, so we have a Full working release in this year.

That'd be awesome, but I intend to be in the pub (as Dec 22nd is my 
birthday :-)).

> To be able to better organize this, it would be nice, if i can get some
> more rights on the Issue Tracker or at least someone, who has time the next
> days, so i can get on his nerves.

I've no idea how to change that...

> Also i will provide some patches and reviw some already submitted patches
> to see, what is missing for adding them. Would be good, if i can reach
> someeone in IRC for this, else i would need to spam the mailinglist with
> every seperate Issue. (you dont want this, do you?^^)
> A Problem i Already found in Unitests is, that ldap:// is
> not accessable (or at least only returns a -1)
> Dont know how this should be handled, but for now we should add a short
> tutorial for setting up an own ldap server and /etc/hosts entry for make it
> testable again.

We actually have a test instance on the apache infrastructure where we 
should set this up. The same is true for the mail tests.

> The other Issue I had with Unittests is the failing of the tests
> ezcArchiveV7TarTest::testAppendArchiveAtOnce and
> ezcArchiveUstarTarTest::testAppendArchiveAtOnce
> Can someone reproduce this for me, so i can add it to the tracker?

I can't actually figure out how to run just the Archive tests right now 


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