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From Sebastian Bergmann <>
Subject [zeta-dev] Testsuite Refactoring
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 09:31:44 GMT
  For as long as I have been involved in this project I have been saying
  that the custom test runner is an unnecessary level of indirection that
  does not add any real benefit over the out-of-the-box test runner of
  PHPUnit. At least not anymore.

  In its current state, the test suite does not work with PHPUnit 3.6
  because the custom test runner uses internal APIs of PHPUnit and
  PHP_CodeCoverage that have changed.

  We should seize this "opportunity" to refactor the test suite and get
  rid off the custom test runner. This will not only prevent the necessity
  of large test suite refactoring when a new version of PHPUnit comes out
  but also provides instant and effortless access to new PHPUnit features.

  Today I started to work on this. Already I am able to run the Workflow*
  test suites with the out-of-the-box test runner of PHPUnit 3.6. The
  configuration of the database connection is handled via the phpunit.xml
  configuration file.

  Unfortunately we are still using a legacy version control system for the
  Zeta Components project that does not allow the easy and instant
  creation of branches. This is why I will refrain from committing my work
  to the repository for now. Please find attached a patch that shows what
  I am currently working on. I hope to find the time over the next couple
  of days-weeks to add the test suites of each component to the XML
  configuration file. Some test suites (Database, Template, ...) will
  require modifications so this is not as simple as I make it sound.

Sebastian Bergmann                    Co-Founder and Principal Consultant                 

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