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From Jerome Renard <>
Subject [zeta-dev] Migration from Make to Ant
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 19:39:33 GMT

I started to create an Ant based version of the Makefile available in website/

The problem with the Makefile is that it does not work at all on Mac Os X and
is kind of hard to read.

I committed what I did in website/ so feel free to svn up and to run:
ant install-ant-dependencies

After that you can run ant -p in order to see the list of available targets.

The Ant biuld file does not work yet. I can not test the
"extract-phpdoc" target as
I think I miss the high level view on how the process should be launched.

What I would like to fix first is the extract-phpdoc target, for now
it does not work because
there is no component in content/documentation/trunk/ but where these
components are
supposed to come from ? Don't you think the "tutorials" target should
be a dependency of the
"extract-phpdoc" target ?


Jérôme Renard | |

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