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From Gaetano Giunta <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] PHP based build system : Phing VS Pake
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2011 17:54:27 GMT
Christian Grobmeier wrote:
>> - is not XML based (Derick will appreciate that :P)
> probably the only one ;-)
Not sure if this is a joke, but xml simply has to die (TM).
>> I will try to give Pake a try as soon as possible. But if one of you
>> already has experience with
>> Phing or Pake I would be happy to get your feedback about these tools :)
> I have no experience and no preference with Pake and Phing, but I
> could understand Phing very quickly (no surprise, as a ant user) and
> had some trouble to get into pake. I am still unsure on some points
> and could not use it straight away. You'll probably need to make a
> good documentation on Pake otherwise I can imagine that users who want
> to join the project might have some trouble.
Not a "good doc" by any stretch, but to hit the ground running:


pake_desc( 'docs for the next registered task' );
pake_task( 'init-me' ); // registers task "init-me"

// another task
pake_desc( 'Builds the extension' );
// registers task build-me, depending on init-me.
// dependencies are not managed as make would do (ie. looking at file timestamps). init-me
is always run 1st when build-me is executed
pake_task( 'build-me', 'init-me' );

// function invoked when executing task 'init-me'
//   $args and $opts come from the parameters passed via cli, similar to what a
would do in ant.
//   The complete syntax is:
//   php pake.php [generic-pake-options] task [specific-options] [arguments]
//   so that eg running php pake.php init-me --skip-this --this=that andmore
//   would results in $opts = array( 'skip-this' => true, 'this' => 'that' ) and $opts
= array( 'andmore' )
function run_init_me($task, $args=array(), $opts=array()){ echo 'hello'; }

function run_build_me($task, $args=array(), $opts=array()){ echo 'world'; }

> I don't see a benefit compared to the actual makefile in readability.
> If you say, Pake is easier - its just in the eye of the observer.
>> <this is the auto flagellation part>
>> I plead guilty for imposing Ant, the reason is that I have been using
>> it for a couple  of years already and I thought it would solve problems we got in
>> Makefile. But I was wrong.
>> <this was the auto flagellation part>
> Naaa, Ant is not such bad! Trying it out was a logical consequence. It
> just didn't fit

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