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From Ole Marius Smestad <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Thought experiment: A first release …
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2011 11:27:05 GMT

On 25. jan. 2011, at 12.18, Tobias Schlitt wrote:


> If we go for a release rather soonish, I would appreciate if some more
> open bugs could be fixed until then, so we should have a small
> development phase beforehand. To make that clear: If we really want to
> go the way for a release, I would expect all people on the list to join
> forces in respect to:
> - Running tests

Should we discuss CI platforms and setup here, so we get that out of the way early on?

> - Investigating issues
> - Checking docs
> - Providing patches
> - Incorporating patches (for those with commit access)
> Maybe we should announce something like a bug-hunt week (or 2), to
> motivate people?

Good idea.

> So, what do you all think about this direction?

I think this is splendid, and a much needed step. I think it would also be prudent to prepare
some time-frames for such a phase, it will make it easier to drive the steps forward, and
we also have an indicator for people who are waiting for the release.

Ole Marius

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