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From Paul <>
Subject [zeta-dev] Problems or Misunderstanding with/of ezcAuthenticationSessionOptions::Validity
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2010 13:20:47 GMT

I have problems with the Validity of a session using 

Setting the Property "Validity" to "86400 * 14" (i think, this would be 
14 days) does not prevent the session for destroy after an hour.

This is my code, just taken directly from examples of ezcomponents website:

     $options = new \ezcAuthenticationSessionOptions();
     $options->validity = 86400 * 14; // 14 Days
     $options->idKey = $this->app->name . '_id';
     $options->timestampKey = $this->app->name . '_ts';

     // no headers should be sent before calling $session->start()
     $this->ezcSession = new \ezcAuthenticationSession( $options );

My experience is, that "validity" has no influence for the real validity 
of a session. Did i misunderstood the real purpose of this property?

Thank you very much for any hints

kind regards,

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