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From Derick Rethans <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Proposal: Release process
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2010 13:44:16 GMT
On Tue, 16 Nov 2010, Tobias Schlitt wrote:

> as far as I can see there are two major points in this discussion:
> 1. Providing updates for single components in short time frames could
> bring people to an update hell, when they need to download and upgrade
> some components every week.

They don't have to. Only for security releases, or when they want to use 
new features. I think it's a great thing that we can release individual 
components on such a fast turn around. It means that new features are 
out (close to) instantly.

> 2. The clear target of Zeta to provide components as loosely coupled as
> possible would be lead ad absurdum by only providing full package upgrades.


> However, I see the argument for not having automatic releases of the
> full package whenever a component is upgraded. This would lead the
> argument for the full package ad absurdum.

Yes. The full package should be twice a year.


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