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From Jerome Renard <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Proposal: Release process
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2010 14:49:56 GMT
Hi Tobias;

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 5:28 PM, Tobias Schlitt <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have studied the guidelines for releases in the ASF and tried to make
> up a release process document for us. Please find it attached for
> discussion. You can also find it in our SVN under
>        docs/release_process.txt
> The document summarizes the requirements for releases roughly and then
> tries to relealize these in a release process specific to Zeta.
> There are some open issues marked with notes in this document, which
> need to be decided on.

I just read the document and I have a few (nitpicking) questions.

" In ASF, an **RC is any kind of package that is meant to be published
later**, but is at
first only provided to developers for testing."

How will version numbers will be managed ? I have the feeling the
version numbering system
will become completely different from the previous versions (eZ
Components days). Am I correct ?

"The first type refers to a release of a single component,
independently from any other."
Since (almost) all ZC have a dependecy with the Base component, what
will be the process in case of
(major) update of ezcBase ? Will all the other components released once again ?

"This choice can happen informally among the maintainers of a component."
What does informally means here ? If that means deciding to release
over jabber or IRC while chatting
with a maintainer after lunch I do not agree. It is not really a of
matter of trust but more a matter of transparency.
If a (group of) maintainer(s) decide to release a new version of a
specific component, fair enough but I think this
decision must be sent to the dev-(users ?) mailing list to at least
inform that an update will happen.

"A full package release does not occur as needed, but fixed dates twice a year."
I believe you meant every 6 months. Just to avoid any miscomprehension

".. note:: Determine release times."
How about March and September ?
I do not know what you guys think but release in January and June (or
July) does not sound that good to me.

I also fixed a few minor issues (spelling, typos etc) in the document,
patch attached.


Jérôme Renard | |

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