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From Tobias Schlitt <>
Subject Re: [zeta-dev] Piwi and ZC (was: Re: [zeta-dev] Re: Class prefix change, was: Re: [zeta-dev] Welcome Apache Zeta Components - SVN up and running :))
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 14:45:50 GMT

On 08/19/2010 01:40 PM, Christian Grobmeier wrote:

> a friend of mine and I wrote a framework together. I have the strong
> feeling that PIWI should be based on ZC in near future since it offers
> solutions for much problems we have. Additionally ZC can help PIWI to
> concentrate on its maingoal. Maybe there is a chance to pull out a few
> classes, level it to ZC quality standarts and include them there. This
> being done, the next logical step after rebuilding PIWI on the back of
> ZC would be to propose the framework to Apache.

sounds interesting. We already started discussing a "framework"
component a longer time ago in eZ Components. This component was meant
to provide integration for the components, like scaffolding scripts.
Having a complete framework on basis of Zeta would be a step in a
similar direction.

> However I would like to know if there has been a decision meanwhile on
> the prefix issue (see below). I would like to avoid to include ZC
> before this change has been done, if it is going to happen.

> My preference is to change it. Its basically a complete rebrand and
> when ZC offers some kind of helper script for users to at least
> announce the files which use the wrong prefix, everything should be
> pretty ok. I also think it's the last chance to do such a change. When
> the next release is out people will claim about backwards
> compatiblity.

> OK would like to hear you opinions on the prefix change.

We discussed this issue before actually proposing Zeta to the ASF in the
round which is the PMC today. I can fully understand your arguments in
favor of a class prefix change. However, we decided against. Of course,
if the community desires it, we can have a vote again on this issue, but
I doubt any of the PMCs will vote for a change.

However, I don't see it the last chance to make a change. One day, we
will be in the need of releasing 2.0 versions of our components and I
don't see this step too far away (maybe a year?), since PHP 5.3
establishes more and more. With this step, we can switch directly from a
class prefix to namespaces, which would actually render this change

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